Quite a controversial topic for the Christian community.

I happen to be a follower of Christ and I also happen to have two tattoos. I have found so many different reactions to this that it was a must share.

Before I got even one tattoo, those people came off as bad, rugged, rebellious, dark, etc. Over the years the stigma behind tattoos has mellowed some and become a common place thing where most anyone you meet now has atleast one.

In the Christian world they can be viewed still as rebellious and/or even gateways for evil. For in the Book of Leviticus it was stated that we should have no markings on our bodies. Come on, how many times has that been textually preached in regards to tattoos. Every time I hear a message of the subject its in there atleast once if not several times.

I had it shared with me once that Jesus told the people to go and sin no more. Which is true He did say that. But, look at it a little more closely, had the full measure of grace come yet? Had he gone to the cross for our sins yet when he was walking and healing and delivering people…No not yet!

He came cause He knows we fail and continue to fail. He can still say go and sin no more, but last I checked we will not ever be perfect. Thats why He was to give His sinless life for ours full of sin. We can say God I know I failed and help me and grace is there. No, im not saying to continually sin and do wrong things, by far that is not the point of this. I want to shed some light on tattooed christian community.

What if God has been working on the heart of someone fully covered in tattoos and they come into church to surrender their life to God. Will they be told to leave that they should have done that before they was all marked up in their bodies! Jesus knows the heart the body will perish and return to dust when life is all said and done.

God accepts us for who we are in all aspects no matter our age, height, weight, personality, or if we have marks on our bodies. If we are to love one another as we do our own self then we need to find some acceptance for people, if we find ourself looking to be accepted.

~ Love Life ~ Live Life ~

~Cynthia 😍

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Author: Cynthia

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