The Lies You Tell! πŸ™…

Anything that doesn’t line up with the word of God is a “lie” and is contrary to truth of His word!

Little did I know back just a few years ago that my inner voices was basically a product of my environment, upbringing and myself perception of things.

That little voice was from my “inner self” some say conscious, others call it something different but this what I am accustomed to referring to it as. The voice of my soul in other words. King David the Psalmist knew a thing or two or serveral about the soul. He recorded about how his soul was often. For example:

Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him For the help of His presence.

Psalms 42:5 NASB

David questioned the despairity within his soul, as should we! That helps to bring awareness as my Pastor is teaching me of the root issues within. By me having emotional shifts or when I find i am thinking alot that is my trigger that a soul issue has risen and I need to tackle its root cause.

I begin to cast the care of what emotional shift or what I am thinking on and renew in truth if the word of God to silence the lies of the inner voices and hear the comforting voice of God by the spirit.

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Author: Cynthia

Greetings Readers! I began blogging in Aug 2017 about my personal experiences, thing I have going on in my life that I am working toward overcoming. I write my blogs to help encourage others that may be going through some of the things like I have dealt with in life to show them there is help and hope no matter what we are going through in life. My writings have helped me to begin to write my very first book and it is coming along greatly and I sure hope to have it published perhaps next year would be great. So, please stay tuned for that! I want my life to help inspire others to keep going and to not quit when life gets hard. We all may face different things but we can learn from each other if we see how we overcome in an area that another may be struggling in. I write to encourage and uplift to bring a glimmer of hope when there isn't much offered out there in the world today. I have been an avid reader for years and this year has been a year of me putting my writing out there for the world to begin to see as I have of others. ~Love Life ~ Live Life~ ;)

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