Can I have your attention!

Our spirits thirst to give attention to growing our faith!

The more I detox of my old ways my inner being needs replenishment. Ripping out things that have choked growth leave my inner malnourished as the bad sucked up any good thing to feed the negative growth the more.

To replenish that I must feast heartily of the word of God. For it is not that by mere bread alone that I can be strengthened in my faith but by ever word of the word of God.

Jesus himself and my relationship with Him is vital as he too is love, norishment, compassion, grace, mercy, healing all those things my inner being needs.

To tap into it my spirit must grow. It must become the tree planted by the stream as in Psalm 1 to have a constant flow of the spirit in my day-to-day life.

He who gives attention to the word will find good, And blessed is he who trusts in the Lord .
Proverbs 16:20 NASB

I must give attention the more to the word of God for it is alive and active today just as the day it was breathed into existance for all believers to have as a manual of life to make it on this journey.

But what does ATTENTION mean?

According to Merriam-Webster it means as follow:

1) The act or state of applying the mind to something.

2) A condition of readiness for such attention involving especially a selective narrowing or focusing of consciousness and receptivity.

As Pastor has expounded upon we must apply the word and wisdom given to our life. As well as, we must be repetitive to doing things to affect our mind in positive ways. For our mind has a conscious and a subconscious part. The mind is housed in our soul (mind, will, and emotions).

My focus should become more narrow to Gods word than the things this world offers. To bring about the necessary replenishment in my inner being of my soul, promote healing, change my mindsets, increase my faith, grow my spirit and begin to see the more of Gods goodness unfold in my life.

~Cynthia 😍

Author: Cynthia

Greetings Readers! I began blogging in Aug 2017 about my personal experiences, thing I have going on in my life that I am working toward overcoming. I write my blogs to help encourage others that may be going through some of the things like I have dealt with in life to show them there is help and hope no matter what we are going through in life. My writings have helped me to begin to write my very first book and it is coming along greatly and I sure hope to have it published perhaps next year would be great. So, please stay tuned for that! I want my life to help inspire others to keep going and to not quit when life gets hard. We all may face different things but we can learn from each other if we see how we overcome in an area that another may be struggling in. I write to encourage and uplift to bring a glimmer of hope when there isn't much offered out there in the world today. I have been an avid reader for years and this year has been a year of me putting my writing out there for the world to begin to see as I have of others. ~Love Life ~ Live Life~ ;)

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