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Faith Hall of Fame!

We have all if not most of us have read Hebrews 11 the Faith Hall of Fame Chapter. So many of the faith who done great things and yet still fell short at times didn’t they. Which shows God can and will use you despite things.

What is it about those listed in the Hall of Fame. I noticed how they all had a special close relationship to God. Something in which God wants us all to have with Him.

Moses talked with God in the tent/tabernacle in the wilderness. Abraham had conversations with God and was deemed a friend of God. As well as, David his closeness with God got him the title of man after Gods own heart.

We too in this day and age can still have that closeness to God like our forefathers of the faith had. Its by having converasation with God. You talk to him as you would a friend and he talks back to you as a friend.

If any of you are like me I would talk to God but there would be no reciprocated conversation back for a very long time as my soul was like pray and get your side out onto God and move on.

I didn’t allow myself to hear back from God about direction or if I needed to grow or develop in things before he would answer.

God was not silent, as he would still speak through the vessel of my leader as she had mastered to quiet her soul and hear from God to help speak to me where I myself couldn’t hear it.

He wants that dialogue with us as Pastor Juanita Gibbs teaches us. Its up to us to unbusy our soul to begin to have conversation with God. Its a work I tell you. Like I have said in other blogs my soul is busy and loud.

Developing a relationship with God on a deeper level is what He wants of us. I want to grow closer to God to make him even more of my everything.

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~Cynthia 😍

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