What do you do to relieve stress or decompress from the day?

For me so many things I do to decompress really depends on my mood and what I feel like doing. I have been known to read a book for a few hours to spending time listening to music. Other times I find myself cleaning or throwing myself into a project to tackle.

But, in the last few months I decided to take up the art of painting. Now, I am no Rembrant or Picasso just me, a person who has never taken an art class to learn the mastery of it. I took an art class in college and began to learn to have a greater appreciation for placement and color structure, that it opened my eyes when I take photos. Especially now as I am playing with some paints.

I have found it to be so relaxing just me, a blank canvas, some paints and some music to immerse myself into and forget the days troubles. Even if my art is just for my relaxation I have found it to be right up in my list of things I like to do as well as my writing.


Have you ever looked back over the day and evaluated the conversations you have had with different people?

One day this past week as I was sitting at my desk at work it dawned on me how ecclectic my conversations are in a days time.

As I sat at my desk I recounted the general politeness with customers. I recalled the greetings of coworkers. The various topics that flowed that day were everything from technical jargon to talks of Shakespears Midsummer Nights Dream and the mischevious Puck in the story, to why Jacob was called Isreal and why at other times he was still referred to as Jacob. To even enouraging a young person to cast their cares on the Lord for He cares for them (1 Peter 5:7). To even the light discussion of politics with another. It was fascinating to me to see this as I took time to recount those moments.

I love to study random things or knowing odds and ends as if little trivia type information. Its one thing in life to keep studying and to keep a hunger to know more. Had it not been for this, would my conversations been so random or just ordinary. I would only hope my conversation become more and more ecclectic to keep me wanting to know more about different pieces of information.