Save Me!!!

Need help saving me from well myself.

I have written about comparison before but I want to touch on it again. Comparison is tool if used in the right way can help people change, choose better and propel them forward in life.

In my case on the other hand comparison has been a tool that I allowed the powers of the enemy license to stop me from changing, choosing not so great things and to keep me stagnant from moving forward.

But how is this so, right? Well I allowed comparison to be used in a negative way to measure my life against another and seeing how I would never measure up to their successes or how they were blessed by God in life.

It wasn’t until I was truly (and I am still working at this so I have not arrived) seen that God has blessed me in my life. I have a roof over my head, food for the table and someone in my life as a Pastor/Coach/Mentor that is here along side me to help me heal and be set free to enjoy the life I am living now.

Comparison has robbed my joy, caused worry and anxiety, opened me up to fear to the point there is no peace, no display of love to God or others for what I do have. Where kindness is hinged off of wrong motive which all reflect lack of temperance and patience.

My Pastor/Coach has lovingly been guiding me toward a life more lived by the spirit and the fruit there of, more so than a life driven by what is carnal which is my thinking (my own logic and reasoning ~ self work or self reliance), my emotions which change like the tides and Gods word tells us to not be so tossed, my flesh which is the temperments that are part of who I am (these can and will change as they become more subjected to truth of what my temperment means to me and adding more exercise of the fruit of the spirit in my life).

This is my journey to save me from myself. I need to be free inwardly, love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and those of the family of God he has blessed me with.

I am on the threshold of a new beginning and I am so excited to see as I keep doing the work as to the freedom inwardly I will have in time.

~Love Life ~ Live Life ~

~ Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Time by the Sea

What is it about the sea…

My secret place I run to when the things in the mind won’t settle down on their own, I run to the sea to quiet down a noisy soul (mind, will, emotions).

Often I ride through by all the spots by the sea to find the quietest place to be. With no distractions of others around to get me focused on them over why I went to get away.

So, I found my secret place and as I approach where I will spend some time the calming peaceful traquility of the location begins to soothe me to a relaxation state.

Its in the secret place that I am able to seek the face of the one who holds my heart. There I can express to Him all that burdens my soul to let Him take care of them as I cannot.

Communing with Him as he speaks gently to my spirit on the work I need to do while He works on the rest. To take my rest in Him let him handle my cares while the pressure of the events around me grow my character. For all things work together for the good.

I so enjoy my time by the sea. Salty air feels like home!

~ Love Life ~ Live Life ~

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰


Tis the season…LOL

Its beginning to have the feel of fall weather coming as retail shops begin to change their line up of decor and apparel.

For me the thing I love the most is the Pumpkin everything. I love the scent 😍 of pumkin in the air!

Many vendors offer a variety of Pumpkin spice items that I so enjoy getting to try and be wisked away in the heavenly aroma or a scent that reminds me of home.

Fall season is my favorite season! The changing colors of the foliage. The slight chill in the air. Things slowing down as more cooler temps will be approaching.

~Love Life ~ Live Life ~

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

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I’m lost and gps cannot help?!?!

Type in your destination of where your heading and I will take you the fastest route!

Sounds appealing right! We put in our destination of where we want to go and it calculates the time, miles, traffic and if there is any road constrution for the path to our destination.

But, haven’t we done the same thing in our personal life. I wrote the vision and made it plain so that it can be run towards and ignoring the fact that the vision is YET for an appointed time.

But, I put in my destination and I thought this was the fastest route. Why am I on this detour, why is the draw bridge up, why is there a traffic stop, why are the police checking licenses. Why, why, why ? Least thats has been my case in the natural of writing my vision and making it plain.

Its only in the slowing down that I can appreciate the traffic stop kept me from an accident. Just as how a connection ends is to keep me from heart ache and pain to allow another God sent in that place.

I can appreciate the cops checking licenses that found an under the influence driver that could have hurt not only themself but the others of us on the road. Just how I have to stop and evaluate my character, as to not cause damage to others in my sphere due to my personal imparement of myself view.

So, I put in my destination it says I have arrived and yet I look around and I see no structure or sign or anything of the sort as to where I thought I was going. But, my gps says I have arrived.

It hit me that when this happens in the spirit of life that God is saying this is just where you are. Stop looking for whats not there and look at the reality of where you are at. Accept it, Appreciate it, Become content in it, Grow in it. Then who knows maybe in the barrennes of where your at things build and become more like what you had invisioned you would find at your destination in the beginning. Then we can accept the gps is right and our perception of our destination is off.

~ Love Life ~ Live Life ~ πŸ˜‰

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Tiny Treasures

I have a bunch of shells. LOL!

Most every time I go to the beach I pick up a few shells or something off the beach to remember the trip. Free souvinere from the ocean after all. Hahaha.

I have this thought that when I pick them up I will remember the beach trip and the fun had.

But, what has happened over the years is this, they all end up being just shells from the beach. I may not recall each beach trip but I do know they came from a place where it was beautiful and peaceful place I like to visit.

Where the sea gulls flying around, the ocean waves crashing, as well as, the chatter of people nearby as the children scream as the waves rush their feet at the shore.

All beach memories become the same one in the same over the years just like my collection of tiny shells treasures.

~ Love Life ~ Live Life ~

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰


Why have we become so ashamed of something that is so common amongst many today?

Depression began to be known in my home back in 2007. It was during the time after my mom suffered a massive stroke that this word of “Depression” made itself known to us.

She suffered her stroke and her depression was dark and emotional. She would have times of crying at the drop of a hat from what seemed like nothing really to cry over. Her doctors told us that the stroke may have impared that part of her brain. So from them on her depression began to be treated on meds.

Later as time went on and her depression was treated another level of depression showed up in 2010 in myself. I battle depression even to this day on a level that I try hard to maintain a level of sanity to keep from drowning in the darkness.

Even as events and things in my life began to change the depression didnt go away. It was like a comfort that you really didnt want comfort from. I am not taking any med to treat the depression that sometimes creeps up in me I try hard to lean on my faith to see me through those spots.

A few more years passed and at the end of 2014 yet another level of depression hit our home in my Father. His was I have to say the darkest yet. He had sucidial ideations in the beginning and as he got treatment He had some conspiracy theory type voices in his mind telling him things to harm others or himself. His depression was from chemical imbalance.

So, with three in one home having some level of depression and the heavy darkness that looms it was in my Fathers depressive episodes that I came to a place that I didnt want to have that kind of low.

I had to begin to face depression and what it really was. A condition many have or deal with on a level everyday.

In the beginning there was much shame of talking about depression as it was almost taboo to talk about. Over time and me opening up about it some even asked for advice when they saw a family member may need some help.

But, why is depression such a shameful condition? It is very real condition especially once it shows up in your life or family. If your depressed even on a small level at times seek help, talk to someone a trusted friend, counselor, pastor to get help for this condition.

#depression #seekhelp #talk


~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

~ Love Life ~ Live Life ~


Nothing like an open road or going off on an adventure!

In travels past, I have gone from the Canada side of Niagra Falls in the north all the way down to Orlando Florida in the south in days of old.

Traveling has become such a joy for me its a going out seeing new places, new people, and experiancing all things new.

Just going a few counties away to go meet up with a friend is such a joy to the soul. Destinations far away call me to visit and I await the time that I can go visit some places.

My furthest travel as of late took me to Canada. Now that was a 5 day adventure that was definitly a memory maker for me. My first time flying and going outside the country and needing a passport.

The sights were something to take in. I went to visit the worlds largest ax and then took a drive across the worlds longest covered bridge.

Tried new food called Poutine which I found was french fries covered in gravy and had cheese curd with it. It was interestly good being from the south. I did however learn that when you ask for tea up in Canada its so not tea from the south. It is tea with lemon and they dont care to much for ice. That was a shock to the system a southern country girl in a whole new territory. Basically Dorothy was not in Kansas no more. LOL!

But the trip was fun and I enjoyed my time there. I don’t know if my travels will take me back there but I have memories to cherish and new adventures to come. Maybe another country to visit in the future. God knows πŸ˜‰


~ Love Life ~ Live Life~ πŸ˜‰


Quite a controversial topic for the Christian community.

I happen to be a follower of Christ and I also happen to have two tattoos. I have found so many different reactions to this that it was a must share.

Before I got even one tattoo, those people came off as bad, rugged, rebellious, dark, etc. Over the years the stigma behind tattoos has mellowed some and become a common place thing where most anyone you meet now has atleast one.

In the Christian world they can be viewed still as rebellious and/or even gateways for evil. For in the Book of Leviticus it was stated that we should have no markings on our bodies. Come on, how many times has that been textually preached in regards to tattoos. Every time I hear a message of the subject its in there atleast once if not several times.

I had it shared with me once that Jesus told the people to go and sin no more. Which is true He did say that. But, look at it a little more closely, had the full measure of grace come yet? Had he gone to the cross for our sins yet when he was walking and healing and delivering people…No not yet!

He came cause He knows we fail and continue to fail. He can still say go and sin no more, but last I checked we will not ever be perfect. Thats why He was to give His sinless life for ours full of sin. We can say God I know I failed and help me and grace is there. No, im not saying to continually sin and do wrong things, by far that is not the point of this. I want to shed some light on tattooed christian community.

What if God has been working on the heart of someone fully covered in tattoos and they come into church to surrender their life to God. Will they be told to leave that they should have done that before they was all marked up in their bodies! Jesus knows the heart the body will perish and return to dust when life is all said and done.

God accepts us for who we are in all aspects no matter our age, height, weight, personality, or if we have marks on our bodies. If we are to love one another as we do our own self then we need to find some acceptance for people, if we find ourself looking to be accepted.

~ Love Life ~ Live Life ~

~Cynthia 😍

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New Things

The beauty of an adventure is when its something new!

I have not been adventurous most of my life, but in the last few years I have enjoyed once in a while trying or doing something new.

My most recent was a few weeks back now I went out on a Saturday in search of a place to have two things. One was a pretty cup of coffee and by pretty I mean it was in a nice cup with a design in the frothy goodness and to try out the new beginnings of a life style change of finding a vegetarian eatery. As I searched google for places to go and try, one just stuck out for me.

I ventured out that Saturday with goal in mind find this place I found on google, see if it really does exsist and is it what it was reviewed to be.

I have to say after maybe 10 minutes wandering to find a parking spot and walking to my destination it was a good find. It was in the college district of the town I went to and very ecclectic vibe and all abuzz with the energy of the young people that go to the college near by.

I was able to enjoy a nice and pretty cup of coffee called the “Carmello” and that picture was put on my very first blog post “Conversation” if you want to go see it. But the grilled veggie burger was massivley delicious. I loved that I was able to sit on the high bar style seats by the windows to look out and the fact the table was a chalk board top was all the more fun. I drew on the table while sipping my coffee and waiting for my grilled veggie burger to arrive. Taking in all the sites, sounds, smells the energy of those in that restaurant was just a charge for the day.

I have to say it is definitly fun to get out and try new things and be adventurous. I cannot wait to try something else new soon!

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰ ❀

Grilled Veggie Burger

The Scullery

Greenville, NC

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Passions Collide

What could be better in life than when passions collide!

I have to say I have several things (not many) I enjoy in life. You know just things I love. My top fave things of course I would have to say is having coffee and being at the beach. My ultimate favorite thing would be spending time with someone close and having fun.

In life its great to enjoy one of our favorite things on occasion. But the joy there is when passions collide. In March of this year that happened for me. I was able to be at the beach, have a cup of coffee and have time with someone close to talk and have fun.

The sights and sounds of the beach to the smells and warmth of the coffee and conversation that was had was such an enjoyable time.

Enjoy the favorites individually like I have or look forward to having times when they all come together in one event to mark a change in life.

~Love Life ~ Live Life~

~Cynthia πŸ™‚