Passions Collide

What could be better in life than when passions collide!

I have to say I have several things (not many) I enjoy in life. You know just things I love. My top fave things of course I would have to say is having coffee and being at the beach. My ultimate favorite thing would be spending time with someone close and having fun.

In life its great to enjoy one of our favorite things on occasion. But the joy there is when passions collide. In March of this year that happened for me. I was able to be at the beach, have a cup of coffee and have time with someone close to talk and have fun.

The sights and sounds of the beach to the smells and warmth of the coffee and conversation that was had was such an enjoyable time.

Enjoy the favorites individually like I have or look forward to having times when they all come together in one event to mark a change in life.

~Love Life ~ Live Life~

~Cynthia 🙂

Salty air

I love the smell of salt water in the air.

I am just drawn to the sounds, sights, and smells of being on the water. I often wondered if that had anything to do with having 2 grandfathers that worked the waters or just the fact I live near the Pamlico Sound.

I find myself often escaping to the water at one of the little outlets here in my home town. I can go to an old bridge and look out and see the boats docked out in the waters. Or I can go to the location where our former hospital use to be see all those fishing and look at the sunset while sitting at the pier pic nic table. Other times I go down to the little center where there is beach and sit with sand in my toes and the waves crashing on my feet and I find it to be a pure delight to my soul. To have a place to enter a place of such beauty and begin to enter a state of peace inwardly.

The water calls me often to come and visit and I enjoy visiting the beach. Looking forward to returning soon.


There is just something about being around children!

I have four lil joys in my life, they are my Sunday school children I teach. They are typical children as most anyone with or having being around kids would know.

They will be fine and all giggles one minute and not five minutes later with arms crossed, face all mad declaring they won’t speak to the others again. But, what happens another few minutes later they are right back in one accord laughing, singing and carrying on all was forgiven.

I have seen times when taking them out on adventures and it begins to rain on the way, so I happen to tell the kids, “Hey you guys its raining!” They start to be lil upset, and be like “noooo” so I tell them to pray the rain away, voices all lifted in one accord I begin to hear chants of praying “Rain go away” this repeats for a few minutes and then the rain stops and I tell them and they burst into explosive cheers of “Yay!!!!” Other times I have taken them on totally new adventures and they are a little worried or fearful about it. I ensure them I love them too much to see hurt come to them while out to have fun.

Its in these moments I cherish the most of how this is how we should be in life to an extent, not fully. Life as an adult has smacked us around a few times. The kids are unhindered to a degree of things that has happened to them in their short time here like say someone of my age or older.

Spending time with children in my case is a reminder to have childlike faith, being of like minded faith gets results, trust in the leadership that is before you that they would do nothing outright to hurt you. If you have ought in your heart toward another, forgive quick so bitterness won’t grow, anf have faith prayers were heard and answers are cining. Kids are good teachers also they remind me of things long forgotten.


What greater joy is there when like minded gather in one accord?

Time passes by without a concept of its purpose when in a moment of fellowship with others.

Have you ever been in a setting like that where your there with others and your talking and time stands still for that moment and we just enjoy the company and conversation of each other. Where you can be open, vulnerable and true about who you are with them? Honestly, last night was my first time of having open, honest, true and real fellowship with a group of others of like mind.

Being in a room that the environment is saturated not only in the presence of the spirit of the living God, but also saturated with love, compassion, and grace.

Girls nights can be amazing! Simple and pure to bring each to a place of wholeness on a level that may not been there prior to the gathering. Environments that are condusive to baring ones soul of the good, bad and the ugly are rare finds in this world.

Some environments that I have been in the moments that I have begun to bare my soul to another they begin to tell me things that shut off my humanity and caused me to wall out emotions around them ever again. They couldn’t handle my issue or even touch my issue with any words as their words became more daggers than balm to the soul. To be of compassion is to guard your words and think on them before they come out and examine how would they be received.

If you are told that your too emotional, you let things bother you too much, or the fact that its life to not to let it get to you, then how is that a genuine person to bare your soul to? Take notice for if they go through they want your undivided ear to hear all their woes in life and give no wisdom in return, for if you are able to share wisdom they are like who are you to speak on my problems. Yet they seem to know all the answers to your problems.

Be careful of who you fellowship with is what I am learning in this life. Some will use for their own benefit. BUT there are some genuine loving, caring, compassionate people as I can attest to in this season of my life that are God given. They listen unjudgingly and offer compassion then begin to expound on ways to help through problems and issues. Now these are the people worth fighting to keep around.

Cherish special times of intamacy with people that are God given. I know I sure will.


Why do we compare ourselves to one another?

I have often find myself measuring my life in accordance to another. I have and will always fall short of that measure. For the other person has gained wisdom, gotten stronger in areas that I am not, or what I see portrayed isn’t the actuality of the situation.

So, why do I do this? I think its to keep chasing a goal, maybe to become like the person I compare myself to in some way. Or to beat myself up inwardly for falling short of what is expected of us as a people.

I mean have you ever found yourself like I have when someone same age is around and they got the house, the kids, the car, the career or whatever it may be and you don’t have some of that like they do, you feel like you have missed the mark. Well atleast I have.

How can I stop comparing myself to others. It’s hard, but I have to choose to be ok with where I am in life. This is my path to take. Everyone has a different path and others, as well as, myself are in different places on our road. God has a plan for my individual life just like he has them. It was said once that my life someone was jealous over. And of course me, not seeing the value in the plan of God for my life was immediatly like why are the jealous over me.

We and especially I continue to rob ourself of what we are doing in our present life by comparison. I had read a book last year by Lysa Tyrkhurst called Uninvited she touched on the subject of comparison as well as Lisa Bevere book called Without Rival. They were good reads, but did they fully help me stop comparison. No!

Its only in my home church that specialized in inner man teaching of the spirit, soul and body that root issues of my comparison issues are being touched. My Pastors book of Developing a winning attitude in 7 days has given me the drive, passion and pursuit to want to press to stop comparing myself and live my life to the fullest in the knowledge that God is working to develop my character, to be able to walk in my full purpose on the earth.

I am in my purpose now, and setting out to master the small things for greater yet ahead as he see’s fit to add. However, for now, I am going to remain focused on my present as that is where I reside.

My writings and growing my character is far more precious to me now than anything else and growing in the connections God has given me in other people and knowing we both are on different roads of life in full acceptance of the reality over imagination.

Love >Hate

Why do we hate each other so much?

I am sadened by the recent events of this country. A free country at that and we still face such animonsity and bigotry that in the 21st century still exsists after so much progress has been made. It is so unreal that as it appears in the news I am astounded and shocked.

We hate other religions, we hate opposite skin color, we hate other political views/parties, we hate to see others advance in life, we just hate all over the place.

I am the type of person I will accept you for who you are no matter if you practice a different faith, no matter if your skin tone is different than mine, no matter your political view, even if you have a life worth emmulating. We are able to choose our faith and politics, and how we have life. But, we cannot choose our skin color.

So many small children dont accept themself if they are too dark or too light or anything that is not the norm. But what is the norm? The norm is that we are all made unique individuals by God! Let the Love of God shine through to end the hate. All it takes is one to change the entire genertation to come from what they had known of a life of hate.

Lets make love bigger than hate. I am gonna keep doing my best to help spread the love of God to all no matter who they are, where they come from. We all need love!


Don’t Take It Personal!

Life of an ambivert!

Was listening to an old song from the 90s by Brandy (I think) she sang “Don’t take it personal when I wanna be all alone.” I can so so so relate to her statement but not fully in how she referenced it in her song.

Life as an ambivert can be a struggle. An ambivert is basically a person that is an introvert with extrovert tendancies. I have been very much an ambivert a good portion of life. The struggle can be 2 fold I have found for my life.

When I am in my extrovert modes I can be the energizer bunny and go, go, go. But when I hit times of introvert some people think there is something wrong with me. Heck they think something is wrong with me when I am on the go alot also.

Its being both introvert and extrovert that most dont understand my outgoing tendancies or inward tendancies. This is why I say being an Ambivert has its struggles.

When I hit my extrovert times I like for people to roll with me, to go experiance the fun of life and just being. But often times I am turn down as they have a life to live of their own or its just inconvenient. I used to work my extrovert times around others to be able to do some adventurous things. This eventually came to a stop as the more complex my life became, orchestrating adventures wasn’t so simple anymore.

So this began to filter over into my introvert modes. Since others werent available I would roll on and do things on my own and have time to just be and recharge and take my time to just live. So many have asked me why do I go do things alone. I have no real answer for them other than people have a life of their own and cannot roll with me.

I dont say any of this for pity, please dont think this is why I am saying this. This is just my view of being an ambivert so that if you have someone in your life like this maybe help you understand them better.

Ambiverts love to have times around people and having fun, but then they need times alone to recharge, gather themselves, recapture who they are. This may only be my case so this is just my view of it.

In my current state I do my best to make the best of times with others and when I am alone I make the most of it. Life is to be enjoyed. Live it to the fullest either in a crowd or alone. It has become most enjoyable by doing so.

Light and Dark collide within the life of an ambivert.



What do you do to relieve stress or decompress from the day?

For me so many things I do to decompress really depends on my mood and what I feel like doing. I have been known to read a book for a few hours to spending time listening to music. Other times I find myself cleaning or throwing myself into a project to tackle.

But, in the last few months I decided to take up the art of painting. Now, I am no Rembrant or Picasso just me, a person who has never taken an art class to learn the mastery of it. I took an art class in college and began to learn to have a greater appreciation for placement and color structure, that it opened my eyes when I take photos. Especially now as I am playing with some paints.

I have found it to be so relaxing just me, a blank canvas, some paints and some music to immerse myself into and forget the days troubles. Even if my art is just for my relaxation I have found it to be right up in my list of things I like to do as well as my writing.


Have you ever looked back over the day and evaluated the conversations you have had with different people?

One day this past week as I was sitting at my desk at work it dawned on me how ecclectic my conversations are in a days time.

As I sat at my desk I recounted the general politeness with customers. I recalled the greetings of coworkers. The various topics that flowed that day were everything from technical jargon to talks of Shakespears Midsummer Nights Dream and the mischevious Puck in the story, to why Jacob was called Isreal and why at other times he was still referred to as Jacob. To even enouraging a young person to cast their cares on the Lord for He cares for them (1 Peter 5:7). To even the light discussion of politics with another. It was fascinating to me to see this as I took time to recount those moments.

I love to study random things or knowing odds and ends as if little trivia type information. Its one thing in life to keep studying and to keep a hunger to know more. Had it not been for this, would my conversations been so random or just ordinary. I would only hope my conversation become more and more ecclectic to keep me wanting to know more about different pieces of information.