Faith Grows Pt 1

Water the seeds that were planted!

The seed of faith as that measure planted within us is everlasting faith. It is us that has to choose to use it or let is sit there undeveloped.

His word proclaims there is one faith! This means that His word is the central component of that one faith. He has a set up establishment in which that one faith is built in each individual.

He has given us the five fold ministry for a purpose. It is for the building up and encouraging of the saints and to also win soul into the kingdom.

And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
Ephesians 4:11 KJV

These chosen vessels are surrendered and yielded to the Lord to be the earthen mouth piece for His glory. God works by His spirit and he needs a vessel in the earth to do that work and that is those of the five fold and other elect vessels.

I am so thankful for the leaders God has placed in my life, for it is by them that I have been able to grow in areas. This has helped me to get to a place of getting established in my faith better than I have been in the past.

Abraham planted a tamarisk tree at Beersheba, and there he called on the name of the Lord , the Everlasting God.
Genesis 21:33 NASB

To grow better I have to be submitted to the leadership before me. I have to do the work and be in the word consistently and pray and worship and all that is involved with building my relationship with God.

This is the only way my faith can and will grow is becoming a doer of the word that my Pastor Juanita Gibbs encourages us to be. This exercises the faith measure. Even though I may fail I have to learn from the mistake and press on to grow.

The greatest way to have faith or any fruit grow in our life is under pressure as they reveal weaknesses where God needs to come into those places to be strong for us.

Its up to us individually to cause our faith to grow or not to grow the choice is ultimatley ours in the long run!

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~Cynthia 😍

Faith through adversity

What greater comfort to know that someone is beside you in rough times!

In the journey of faith it is a key component to have a trusted person at your side. David had Johnathan, Elijah had Elisha, Jesus and Peter and on and on we see people having trusting bonds of connection.

As Pastor Juanita Gibbs told me when I first moved over to Reformation Developmental Center that God didn’t make us an island to ourself!

For most of my life through fears, anxieties, worry, and doubt that I had made myself an island by manifesting the very things I gave power to.

To want a friend/trusted companion in life I first had to be one. Im still learning, but I do hope that I am getting better with the one God has given me that I can trust my secrets with, my darkness with, and the light with. She has allowed me to grow my trust and heal it at my own pace and for that I am greatful.

I have and want to continue to learn that I must not be selfish and learn to fight the fight of faith not just for myself but for my trusted person along my side.

I need to soldier up in the word of God and continue to learn the fruit of the spirit and grow in their usage in my life to stand firm along side them if they need it and not just me needing that support from them all the time. But to give some in return what has been graciously given to me.

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier.
2 Timothy 2:2‭-‬4 NASB

Being a devoted soldier is going through the boot camp training of the word and allowing its power to convict the wrong/toxic things within me to allow cleansing to please God and be a good soldier for the Kingdom of God walking in my purpose and Gods plan for me.

Is it easy?

No, but it is a matter taking more of the old person I have been off and putting on the new that is in Christ Jesus.

~Cynthia 😉