Faith Believes

Faith. Hope. Trust.

The more going through this negativity detox belief in the power of Gods word and the transformational power it has is beginning to cause faith to arise.

I am slowly learning and beginning to trust that God will give a word and complete it. I have to trust that if its not immediate that even in the waiting there is purpose.

Then believed they his words; they sang his praise. Psalms 106:12 KJV

The power behind believing God at his word has been a challenge for me most of my faith journey.

Many times caught up in comparison and low self-worth that I took Godd powet out of the equation of my life that how could things ever be different for someone like me.

Reasoning God away and lowering Him to be like mere humanity of the world when He is above that and vastly different. God is a God of love, power, compassion, mercy and grace that is his ways are above man(humanity).

The power of believing God at His word can transform a life as Pastor Juanita Gibbs teaches us. Her teaching and revelation she gets is highly anointed to bring about the changes that I needed to see in my life and more changes to come.

~Cynthia 😍