Quotes Day 1

Sharing Quotes from My Pastor!

My Pastor Juanita Gibbs has so much to quote for me to share with the blog community that I am greatful for this challenge to share quotes for 3 days.

Thank You Riya – High Noon Journal for the nomination to participate in the 3 day Quote Challenge.

This quote means so much to me cause it can hit various different areas of life.

For me, practicing my faith is what will cause me to succeed in using my faith. We all have been given a measure of faith. It is up to me to exercise my faith to cause it to grow and be more active in my life.

It is this same quote that has used faith to help me become more confident in who I am becoming. Coming from a place of super low esteem and worth take much time and work on my part. I am still at work in this as it is something I batteled a long time with. But God and the fabulous leader in my Pastor He has given me it is on the come up slowly.

If I want to be a successful blogger and soon a successful author I must be repetitious about putting my writings together and developing and growing.

You can use this quote in personal relationships like being repetitious about forgiving. Use it in business, ministry or just life in general. This quote from her means so much to me.

Rules –

1- Thanks to the person who nominated you

2- Post 1 quote for 3 consecutive days (daily 1 quote )

3- Nominate 3 bloggers everyday


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