Overwhelming!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Just too much going on!

Been away for a few days to regroup a little bit. All this snow we experianced here where I reside in NC was more than we had ever seen before in a very long time, as well as, temps lower than they had ever been to date.

Needless to say it was havoc for many reasons. The 1st day after it snowed I ventured out and it was ok, but not great. I didn’t make it too far without turning around to go home and be safe. The temps dropped that night and my bathroom pipes froze. Went out the next day it was icy and dangerous. This cycle was on repeat from Thurday til this past Tuesday when temps warmed enough to melt this stuff.

Monday when I ventured out for work by 9am I was turning into our local post office and slide on black ice the entire length of the drive way. I could have crashed, but Praise God I didnt. Sunday night our entire house pipes had frozen. So buying water to keep basics going then needing tap water for the facilities was also a job to see who would let me fill up 3 gallon jugs for using.

The pipes busted yesterday and I scrambled to get the water shut off. Needless to say I was massivley overwhelmed between my home, traveling in the snow to work, then dealing with the effects of the snow at my job, yeah peace was leaving me slowly, I became moody, irritated and all the such of a nonfruitful person.

Yes! I admit my humanity. I have had many many many moments of weakness in the last few days. With so much happening all the teaching about calming my soul left me. I allowed my emotions and mind to rule me. They ruled me so much so that if I didnt go settle down I could ruin a great thing with the help set before me.

It wasnt until I calmed dowm from the day that I could even have a decent conversation.

It wasn’t until I settled down til I could think straight.

It wasn’t until I settled down that I could begin to pray and talk to God to help me.

It wasn’t until God helped me that peace began to come back in by usage of my leader being a comforting ear, being for me when before settling down it was like she was against me, but those were my twisted soul perception. Thank God she has been with me this entire snow storm mess, I needed someone to help me through.

Those things had to come up and out to not remain in me to work toward being healed from in time. The old me has to die out so the new me living by the spirit can live on.

~Cynthia ๐Ÿ˜‰

~Love Life~Live Life~ ๐Ÿ˜