No way?!?! Is it really?!?!

The final month of 2017! December already?!?! Where did the year go?

Well, this is the close out month of the year!

Let’s take it and walk the final section of this chapter toward greater things. Beginning to shake off and leave what needs to be left behind.

This year has been a year of unveiling, discovery, healing, adventure and so much more to come. In years past as this month would cycle around I would be seemingly be creating the tone gor the coming year with depressive tones of well nothing has changed so it continues to a spurn on more negativity, doubt, worry, and fears.

Where as this year, granted nothing has changed in some things. But, its all prepartory and purpose minded. Gods thoughts are higher than my thoughts, as well as, His ways are higher than mine. As I meditate on that thought the things I use to let come in like a flood seem at bay in the present moment, as if the flow is temporarily restrained.

As my pastor has been teaching us at my home church of Reformation Developmental Center that the more word I implant inside my heart and mind the more the old has to go. The more the old goes and the new come I cam begin to be healed in my soul.

This coming year of 2018 I am believing for greater things than I ever have before using actual faith. Pastor posted not long ago to dream big. So I pulled out a book I started back in early 2016 and added some things I am believing God to produce in my life. She also taught us that faith without works is dead, as well as work without faith is dead.

So in the coming month I am hoping that I can practice using the tools that my Pastor has beem teaching me to continue to overcome somethings. The work is mine to do as we are already graced to do the work. Its just now time to roll up the sleeves and get dirty with removing the old and implanting the new.

December may you be a propulion month that helps be a catapulted to take me to the next place by faith in the coming time to be.

~Love Life~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia 😉