Faith Believes

Faith. Hope. Trust.

The more going through this negativity detox belief in the power of Gods word and the transformational power it has is beginning to cause faith to arise.

I am slowly learning and beginning to trust that God will give a word and complete it. I have to trust that if its not immediate that even in the waiting there is purpose.

Then believed they his words; they sang his praise. Psalms 106:12 KJV

The power behind believing God at his word has been a challenge for me most of my faith journey.

Many times caught up in comparison and low self-worth that I took Godd powet out of the equation of my life that how could things ever be different for someone like me.

Reasoning God away and lowering Him to be like mere humanity of the world when He is above that and vastly different. God is a God of love, power, compassion, mercy and grace that is his ways are above man(humanity).

The power of believing God at His word can transform a life as Pastor Juanita Gibbs teaches us. Her teaching and revelation she gets is highly anointed to bring about the changes that I needed to see in my life and more changes to come.

~Cynthia 😍

Out of Control!!!

What I have allowed has gotten way out of hand!

The issues that keep spurning to the surface reveal that I have allowed myself to stay in them for too long.

When hurt, disappoint have come instead of thanking God and allowing Him to redirect my path. I allowed myself to assume the full impact of whatever came. He guides and directs my path, but inwardly I chose a different route one filled with pain over determination to find Gods will for me.

Some time ago, it may have been Sunday, not fully for sure, but Pastor was discussing Psalms and as I was listening, the Lord began to span across Davids life within my spirit showing me that he too endured rejection. As Pastor related to us David quite often referred to the issues of his soul in the book of Psalms.

For the ransom of his soul is too costly, And he should cease trying forever–

He never let rejection hold him back, infact I believe he used that rejection as a way to dig down into God and use that as a fuel for determination.

How I have cried out about the contents of my soul all the hurt, pain, rejection that has inturn spurned comparison, envy, acceptance, depression issues that are wide open doors for the enemy to walk through at every turn.

To begin to close those doors I must practice taking in deep the truth from the word of God as I continue to spill out the toxins of all that my soul contains.

Like David wrote out his torment, I too can journal, pray, worship until the release of the pain becomes where I can input new of the good inside. I can practoce meditating on good things to make them apart of the new person as a believer we can be transformed to be as I allow my process.

Blogging also helps me remove toxins, of course, this is a more public way, but it is to perhaps encourage others that as we do the work we can begin to overcome, be healed and live life more by faith.

This is how I can get my out of control thoughts and emotions that are contrary to truth to begin to regain control and bring them under the subjection of Christ and the word.

~Love Life~ Live Life ~😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

What’s constricting your life?

What is allowed that is contrary will try to paralyze you from moving forward!

For me that constrictor is Comparison.

Like a snake it came in and has wrapped itself around me. As it wrapped around me loosly, sizing me up, seeing how I am build, seeing how I function it then begins to tighen its hold. With each comparison it tightens the grip to where it gets to the place your feet cannot move any longer. Your lungs grasp for air. The pressure of your internal organs begins to be felt where if it tightens any tighter it can cause everything to shut down.

What happens…

I have allowed too much comparison to happen where it has made me immovable and when so tightly bound its hard for anything new to pierce the constricting force.

Put there is one power that can pierce the constricting force. There is one that is above all things! Hebrew 4 says that the word of God is a mighty sword that has come to pierce to separte.

It has begun in my life the more word I put in the more separation comes. The word of God detaches those things that have became so familiar, such a comfort that are contrary to His truth that it takes that sword of severing to bring change in a life that He originally ordanied a life to be.

He knew each and every one of us from our mothers womb. He knows the number of hairs on our head, he collects our tears. He knowd when we rise and when we fall and he said He is with us til the end of the age.

So, when I begin to compare my life to someone else, when I compare myself to the woman I was left for, when I compare my facebook to others facebook, when i compare my blog to other bloggers.

I have to stop and renew that I am uniquley me with a divine purpose, plan and destiny on my life. My path to walk will not look like everyone elses. I may have tried to plan my steps, but God leads me ad I submitted them to Him.

As I continue to work out and through my comparison issues. I release the hold as I confess them more and more on levels as they arise. This way I can enjoy my journey and where I am in life

~Love Life~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

What do you see?

The lenses we peer through and the mindset behind the eyes is a filter for how we gain perspective!

Do you see what I see?

Probably not…

We are looking through different filters.

Comparison is a huge battle for me in many ways and different areas.

Lets think about this senario with me if you will…

Stand in front of the mirror what do you see?

Hear those thoughts, ideas, notions, whispers, screams?

That is how you view what you see.

Now the same thing stand in front of a mirror, but this time ask someone to come stand behind you and tell you what they see.

Hear the perspective coming from the other person?

Hear anything similar or in likeness to what you heard within when you alone stood before the mirror?

Probably not… Then again some may…

For me on the other hand my inward comparison has never been the same from what others see or saw in me as I have a very negative view of myself. Which comes from down the years of trauma to my soul.

Some without such trauma may be well balanced and have good environments that stimulate confidence, good worth, and proper perspective.

For me, it wasn’t until I came into a ministry that has helped me deal with the contents of my soul. The comparison issue housed in my soul has to be dealt with.

When I find myself comparing myself or at times being compared which opens me up to my comparison. That time I spend comparing myself to another only takes away what is definitivly me.

What my Pastor has been teaching me is that I need to know myself in genuine truth. Know who I am beyond comparison. Know who I am uniquely as Gods creation born for such a time as this.


How am I to know just who that person is right?

I need to shut down the negative perspective, accept who I am made to be by knowing who I am made to be by searching for that truth within and in truth from Godd word.

James 1:23-25 says the word of God is to be our mirror.

Its become my job to get into the word of God to find out who I am through the eyes of God. The treasure of truths is mine for the discovery as I peer through the proper lenses of that truth.

I have found some great ones to hold onto and I keep looking to discover more in which to house in my soul. These are a new perspective in which shift away the old soul view of negative.

So, now when I go and stand infront of the mirror I can have God within me and behind me speaking the way I am to view myself. That comparison superceeds what I compared myself to in others.

The true mirror is the word of God not a looking glass. The looking glass will and can decieve as it has me for far too long. I am to measure myself against myself not measure myself against a brother or sister in the faith.

God help me not forget your perfect law as it relates to me and my uniqueness so that in all I do shall be blessed.

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

If we commend ourself more highly than we ought then that can be a prideful deception that is without understanding of proper view of self.

Be bold enough to not compare with them who do have a high commendation of themself for in their view you will never measure up!

It is only in the view of God that we are to compare who we are, our behavior, attitudes and demeanor as it lines up with His word or if it doesn’t then we need to correct that.

~Love Life ~ Live Life ~ 😍

Soul memories

You may think you have overcome an area, but all it takes is one thing to show you that you haven’t!

In my soul comparison has been one thing that can be resurrected when you find yourself being compared and then sit back to self compare based off of others view of such comparison.

I began to see myself through the light of their eye and began to sink based off of their view and description. I had to once I saw what I was doing capture those thoughts and discharge them.

Comparison is the theif of joy. Comparison robs you of enjoying life. Comparison is based off a inner issue of the soul based off of worldy factions that are contrary to the truth of what God says we are in Him.

Renew my mind and the spirit of my mind come to me when these inner issues surface. (Romans 12:1-2 & Eph 4:23) These core verses help trigger my awareness and bring me to a place of sobriety to wrestle my way back out of the place that tried to take root again to pull my soul back into the darkness.

The issues I have within my soul I have to managed by the fruit of self control and so many other scriptures and teachings my pastor Juanita Gibbs has imparted to me.

If you have facebook visit tonight EST for a 15 to 30 min segment of teaching.

Progressing through my next layer of my inner issues is the way to expose it and bring about healing by not holding it in any longer. What I stop feeding within stops growing and ruling and reigning in my life.

~Love Life~Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Love Affair Pt 1

Sounds scandalous right!!

The love affair I am beginning is well loving myself.

I have been on a journey of self discovery for a few months now. Its been a journey to say the least. Even my writing these blogs have helped me discover hidden parts of me.

But, in actuality the self discovery began with my church teaching us about self deception, knowing our truth, loving our truth no matter what it looks like. It was this that really began to set this all in motion.

I am learning to love myself beyond all the issues in my soul that has surfaced the abandonment, rejection, comparison, acceptance, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and depression.

Learning to work through those issues to come to a level of healing. Learning that those issues don’t define me they are part of me but they will be learned of to take control of and manage them. Learning that just because I have issues is no reason to reject myself as I have been doing.

Everyone has issues of some kind I have also learned. Like me they hide the real you, they hide the issue, hide that all is perfect and well. But, when the real test comes thats when the guard is let down and the issues are revealed. Least thats how it has been for me, the test would come and show where I was at.

I am also learning that my love has limits as to why when I see I have issues I reject even myself. This is when the fruit of the spirit of love has had to come in the more. To pull on Gods eternal love for me.

To know even in my mess God still extends grace and mercy to me to work on my short comings and be healed amd walk free from them and to help others like me at some point overcome.

Will I ever be fully free from my issues? Maybe in level as healing happens. Other issues within will require management on my part.

May I keep walking this journey day by day to love myself knowing by Faith God does no matter what.

~Love Life~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Filing for Separation!

I have had enough! I cannot take putting up with you any more!

The echo of those words reverberate in the world we live in today. I has become the common norm to give up and walk away. But, somethings its ok to walk away from.

I have choosen to file for separation from fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, comparison, rejection, acceptance and abandonment! Divorcing can be a long drawn out process to come to the conclusion of a separation.

In the state in which I reside one year of separation has to happen before such can occur in a marriage (covenant agreement) the same is so with agreements we have built within our mind and soul that are contrary to truth. Least that is how it is for me as things come known in truth of where I am in life.

I have wrong agreements that I defend, uphold and gripe against when test and trials come my way. I defend the wrong agreement by saying “I am a believer of Jesus and shouldn’t have to go through this” or I uphold it by saying “well I was a bad believer and fell short and this is my punishment”, etc.

Sick right.

That is how I took a false belief and ran with it for too many years. My wrong inner agreement show themself when the trials come. On occasion my word do they show themself out of me in my character, attitude and display of immaturity.

The way to now grow is to learn to see the trouble, feel what I feel about it, do what I can about it, trust God to meet me in the midst and be with me and rely on him as I cast the care onto him to take on, and renew my mind in His faithfulness to not dwell for to long in it.

Sounds like work doesn’t it?

That is because it is work!

Work is envolved in any separation. Cutting off dependancy to what was once a comfort and a go to in times of trouble. To not lean on things of old as you begin to press toward a new life away from what you want to leave behind and start over fresh and new!

Slowly I am going to take my life back and live it in the spirit of truth as best I can with the help of the Lord, good wise councel and leadership that i am eternally greatful for in this season of life.

~ Love Life ~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Paralyzing Fear!!

Fear can rise up within to such a place where your paralzyed in a sense.

How can that be right?


For me fear began to creep its way in my life through the issues and strongholds in my mind I battle of comparison, acceptance, rejection and abandonment, as well as, having a tender too wide open heart.

Being a woman in my 30s its been a journey of life to this point as there are some things I have yet to blog about but as I am lead I will begin to share them, but for now I will stick with this.

Single at any age can be well what it is alone for the most part. I have had an overwhelming fear most of this life of mine that certain things would not find me, be for me due to the fear housed with in. This goes back to what I blogged about yesterday about F.O.M.O. I had a fear of missing out on what others got to enjoy and be part of in life and that kept me paralyzed in a state of frenzy and haste for a long time. Wearing myself out in my strength to make things be that were obviously not of him. Test after test you would think I would have learned but thats the paralyzing effect of what fear can do.

But the fear is not of God it is a worldly and not of this world fear to keep me from pressing on into what my purpose is in life.

When people fell away from my life distraction was removed and I was then faced to deal with me, the woman in the mirror. It was a battle on my councelor/life coach side to help me see truth, accept reality, and let go of bitterness and strife I once felt.

Slowly, layer by layer fear has begun to fade and flee and I will not give into the fear as much as I can in my human strength, but Gods strength meets me in the weakness. As fear has begun to flee, love and genuine Godly agape love has begun to fill the voids in the soul pushing out the fear where, faith, hope and love can begin to abide.

Are they abiding deep within me? Faith, Hope and Love? No at this time I can honestly say they are not. But day by day I want to be a little better at abiding in them then I was the days, weeks, months or years prior to this point. To be where I can say I only live once (Y.O.L.O.) and I am working by grace of his strength to learn wisdom, truth applicable to my life and walk and become the best version on me I can be in life.

If your reading this and battle fear know that there is hope. Retrain your mind and see positive over negative. Yes it will be hard as I walk through this myself. But in time as you keep at the work fear will begin to flee and faith, hope and love can reside where fear once was.

~Love Life ~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Power Hungry Fortresses!

We may not realize it, but how our behaviors indicate our hunger for power and control!

Things happen to us, around us, and within us most all the time. Its all in how we perceive, receive and deal with what happens to us of how much it will either reinforce a fortress (stronghold) in our mind or bring it down. These are some of my walls built inside me that engage when things happen.

For me, having such lack of proper nutrients in formative years, and rejection, abandonmemt, comparison and acceptance issues all these things have been a strong fortress within my soul.

As I have blogged about already these things within take time to overcome, as they, like Rome were not built in a day, but in a lifetime up to the point of beginning to confront and deal with them.

Sitting in church last night during discussion time I began to see where I had been using all the bad things of my past to control and manipulate my surroundings in some way. I was shocked at my behavior and devistated that I would allow such power to over rule the power of God. All because of these fortresses within me, when things would happen everything inside of me began to hasten to regain control that felt lost.

In reality of the matter, care came into my life in the form of my Pastor to shed light on an area I dearly needed addressing or I would continue to walk around open to hurt, pain, wounding the more.

Care and love in a soul that lacked knowing of any of such things growing up is foreign and not received graciously in the beginning as it is like paving a new road. Hitting rocks, holes and all such desbrie to clear a path of what is good in the uncharted territory of a soul like mine. I do pray in time as I tackle the negative still within, continue to tackle the fortresses with truth to take them down that a newness will begin to take shape in my life.

~Love Life ~ Live Life ~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

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Self Imprisonment!!

We can keep ourself captive in many ways.

For me my imprisonment came in several ways, but for this blog I will focus on one way and that firstly is in my thinking. In my mental processes it has come to the light that I think very negative. I think negative about myself, my surroundings, situations and circumstances, how I view and perceive things. Sounds bad right?

Well it has been! The negative is like building a snowball. They just grow and grow til its taken shape and become a fortified fortress within of negativity. My very own self imprisonment.

Ever since March of this year I have been batteling to become less negative. It is so not easy! Its hard dedicated work to become even 10% less negative when you were full on negative, well maybe just in my case!

I have not become negative free on any respect of the word! But in a small degree I am not as negative as I was earlier in the year. When I have rough patches those negative things flair right back up as if I had done no work to combat them. Just shows how deeply negative I am in my inner life all these years.

When the rough patches come the reveal to me where I am unrenewed (Romans 12:1-2) and have to work/wrestle to get back to a place of renewal in my thinking. I have to use the sword of the word (Hebrews 4:12) to divide my thoughts that cause my imprisonment and use the word of God as a key to break the chains of bondage in my prison.

Its gonna be a fight for the rest of my days to keep renewed but with Gods help and councel/Coaching, and me doing the work one day maybe the fight won’t be so strong as I strive to become stronger in the word of faith over negative words from within. This is my fight of faith!

~Love Life ~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰