πŸ’¦Splish Splash πŸ’¦

After mountain highs and entering the valley you may find a stream! What are the contents of your stream?

You know what?

Last week my stream went through a cleansing. It needed that cleansing to remove pollution and some toxic waste that was choking/killing the contents of my stream. My stream was not a place to go for a leisurly swim I can assure you of that.

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither- whatever they do prospers. Psalm 1:3

My “inner” stream went through a filtering process or a cleansing. That cleansing can only be done by someone anointed for the job and whom is firm in truth to take down the strongholds(2 Corinth 10:4-5) with the sword of truth(Hebrews 4).

That such person was and is my Pastor Juanita Gibbs of Reformation Developmental Center. She came in with grace and love to begin to skim the contents of my soul that no longer needed to reside within me that were hindering me, chocking my faith walk, and killing dreams and desires.

That net was a fine net of the word. If it wasn’t in line with the word it was caught up in that net and challenged to be fully removed as they had become living and breathing organisms in my stream inwardly. As they were caught up and challenged they had no choice but to die and be tossed to not abide in my stream any longer.

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them. John 7:38

As a professed believer in Jesus Christ and batteling things like worry, doubt, anxiety, fear, unbelief, and so many other things that I confess them in these blogs they loose power to hold me to them. There tactic may shift and I have to be aware, but its the word of God that will help me remain in the God provided living water stream of His truth.

The world, our environment, things that have yet to surface from my soul will still happen in my stream. I just have to be diligent about not letting them remain to contaminate the flow in me. This has already been graced for me to do, to govern and guard my inner stream.

As I keep doing my work to keep my stream clean, I can be that woman planted by streams of living water that my yield fruit in season and my leaf don’t wither and all I do shall begin to prosper. I believe in Christ and he gave to us all ariver of living water that flows from within.

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Say What?!?! πŸ•ͺπŸ”Š

I cannot believe I said that!

Have you ever heard what came from your lips only after you said them, to only respond as “why did I say that”.


If not you are certainly blessed. I on the other had have not been as such in some things, especially as it regards to myself.

Yesterday, I blogged how I have been filled with doubt, fear, negativity, worry, and unbelief as a profess believer of Jesus.

It is those very things inside of me that shaped my words. The issues within seeped out into conversation, daily life, and thus making my life what it is and was all this time.

Have you ever been listening to someone and they say “what if” “how is this gonna happen” “Its not for me”, just for example. Just listening to them begins to pull you into the same tailspin of thinking unknowingly.

Well for very long time I was that kind of person and still working toward overcoming that deep set negativity. Only those solid in the faith could take me on for long peroids of time and some even then was limited.

Until one!

Yes just one and all it takes is one!

My Pastor (be sure to see blog sponsor vid at bottom) armored up to take on my deep set strongholds that have lived in me a good chunk of my life if not all my life.

Early this year it began while we was away on a trip she began to chisel at my negative speaking. Later as time has passed she kept chiseling at it til the wall on one side was compromised enough to attack with word of God force to bring it down!!!!

She preached a superb message of faith this sunday right after the time of tearing down my wall. It has been my replacement to begin to have a new stronghold of faith!

Now, instead of speaking to my mountain “well mountain I dont if God wants you to come down or not, maybe I am to scale the mountain, but I am tired to climb, maybe I am to wander around it like the children of Isreal did theirs.”

God said not one word back to me in all the negative doubt!

But after Sundays message whe Pastor gave us Mark 11:22-23 that we are to speak to our mountain in faith. Gave a wonderful demonstration about destroying strongholds and replacing them that when I left the building fhat day.

In the car I began to speak postive faith filled words to my mountain. I said to the mountian “God is with me, he is for me, every hindrance will be moved. Blessings will begin to flow answers to my prayers will begin to flow. Everything thats been waiting for me to use my measure of faith to get be activated and begin to burst forth in my life.”

I kid you not blog people!! Sunday after I spoke positive faith went to a store and got a blessing small but im still greatful. He said be thankful on the small then he can trust with greater. Monday came and by the evening I got an answer to something in a positive regard that I been waiting for 3 weeks to hear.

Could the answer have been delayed for me to hear faith amd begin to use my faith! I would like to thinks so. God is an on time God. He shows up when he see’s faith and if it took 3 weeks for me to get faith for it then all things worked together for the good.

But I know many prayers of faith went up on my behalf from my leadership and the anointing at Reformation Developmental Center destroyed the yoke and brought this in for me.

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When the news graced my ears I could hardly believe it was true! But it was!!

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As a professed believer in Jesus Christ I suffer from yes unbelief.

But how is that possible?

Well, for me unbelief, doubt, negativity, and fear have run my life from my soul. They were set ways built inside of me through my life to the point of the discovery.

A believer has unbelief, have you ever heard of such a thing?

I had areas of unbelief living on the inside of me thus as my Pastor told me creating my world.

Yes, I believe in God, Son and Spirit!

It was my personal belief system toward myself that God would do miracles for me as I have doubt and negativity within my mind. I doubted that God would come through in things for me. I have fear he would forget me. I worried wouldn’t God show up in my trouble.

My inner factions of those very things needed to be touched and challenged with truth of the word as those things became lofty within me and set themself up as supreme in my being!

My wonderful Pastor (see blog sponsor) took on the challenge to hit every one of the factions living in me that my inner workings made rule my life.

The anointing destroyes the yoke and the anointing she carries has moved through and has begun to tear down those lofty things to be replaced with faith, hope, and love in God for who He is!

I am now working my way from unbelief toward belief!

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What is it all about?

Relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

In my time of singleness I has given me opportunity to develop my relationship with God. Singleness is a distraction free time. Its a time where if you want you can fast all day or read the word all day. Worship and praise Him all day or Pray all day. A time in which you don’t have to have just delegated time with him, which we should that on occasion as work and life calls and makes demands. But we can spend time the more communicating with him. Letting Him build us up. Letting Him love on you. Letting Him send those who have his love in him to walk along side you in great Godly bonds of fellowship. We are not to dispise the days of small beginnings. The small beginning may be in the time of singleness to learn how to have a relationship with God as that is the solid foundation to any relationship (friendship, marriage, etc). As we grow in our love and connection to him he grows and expands our love to church family and those that we see that we encounter that need to know the love of God through us. I have great people around me and a great leader before me as my Pastor who loves us with Agape love. God uses people to show his love to us as she teaches me. The love I am getting now in my season of singleness is helping bring healing to unnourished places in the soul from childhood things. So, what is it all about? Building the relationship with Him in a deep and intimate way to commune with him, know him deeply to lead you, guide you, love you and yoi can trust in what He is and does and can be then its very much worth it all. ~Love Life~Live Life~ 😍 ~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Time Spent

How we manage our time in a day is up to us!

I do believe I am going to incorporate spending more time in the word of God and studying.

One day who knows when though, but we must prepare nonetheless to hide the word in our heart for when the actual written text is taken from us.

In my current studies of Psalm 119 one of the verses are: “I have hidden your word in my heart.” Now that is a statement to behold. The psalmist proclaimed that he hid the word of the Lord in his heart. After all, most if not all the psalms were penned by David. King David known as a “man after Gods own heart”. Yes David has his faults and short comings as we all do. But still he was known as such.

Have we hidden the word in our heart?

I may have some nuggets in me, but the question then becomes are those nuggets enough to hold me in the test, trial, tribulation or temptation comes?

How is my attitude, stance, faith, emotions, words spoken when those thing come? Because those will reveal if you do or do not have enough of the word hidden within or not.

Do I faulter and retreat into the old of worry, doubt, fear and anxiety? Or, do I see it for what it is, cast the care on the Lord, do what I can and go on by faith that it is all gonna work out?

Its our choice!

My choice (surrender) is pressing me to insert more into my heart and mind to be able to fight the good fight of faith! Learning to walk more by faith and not sight. Allowing his truth and goodness to pierce the dark places within to bring newness and light.

~Love Life~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Love Affair Pt 1

Sounds scandalous right!!

The love affair I am beginning is well loving myself.

I have been on a journey of self discovery for a few months now. Its been a journey to say the least. Even my writing these blogs have helped me discover hidden parts of me.

But, in actuality the self discovery began with my church teaching us about self deception, knowing our truth, loving our truth no matter what it looks like. It was this that really began to set this all in motion.

I am learning to love myself beyond all the issues in my soul that has surfaced the abandonment, rejection, comparison, acceptance, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and depression.

Learning to work through those issues to come to a level of healing. Learning that those issues don’t define me they are part of me but they will be learned of to take control of and manage them. Learning that just because I have issues is no reason to reject myself as I have been doing.

Everyone has issues of some kind I have also learned. Like me they hide the real you, they hide the issue, hide that all is perfect and well. But, when the real test comes thats when the guard is let down and the issues are revealed. Least thats how it has been for me, the test would come and show where I was at.

I am also learning that my love has limits as to why when I see I have issues I reject even myself. This is when the fruit of the spirit of love has had to come in the more. To pull on Gods eternal love for me.

To know even in my mess God still extends grace and mercy to me to work on my short comings and be healed amd walk free from them and to help others like me at some point overcome.

Will I ever be fully free from my issues? Maybe in level as healing happens. Other issues within will require management on my part.

May I keep walking this journey day by day to love myself knowing by Faith God does no matter what.

~Love Life~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰


Moving from fear to faith!

When fear has been a resident inside my soul for so long I have to serve fear eviction papers. It didn’t like getting served… no way!

Fear begins to scream out:

  • This is your comfort place look how its kept you!
  • I can keep you from hurting!
  • This is the best place for you! Whats beyond this for someone like you?
  • Your fine like you are!
  • And more

The things fear will begin to scream out sound true initially as they are familiar. They are an established fortress of lies I have believed for far too long!

So, what has to happen and has begun to happen to begin to get me to shift from fear to faith?


I have to first know the voice of fear and anything else joined with it like doubt, worry, and anxiety. This way when they rise up within me I can identify the voice and begin to pull on faith and the word to counter attack the contents in my soul.

Am I doing a good job at this fight?

Some days Heck No! I fall right back into the old way.

Other days I have my sword in hand slicing and dicing every fear and anxious voice that comes up within.

I have to be repetitious in the battle. My Pastor she has taught us that:

“Repetition is the mother of success, if you want to succeed you have to keep doing it over and over and over again until it becomes your new normal” ~ Juanita Gibbs

When I fail at the battle I have to dust myself off see if I can locate the weakness and to why this test took me down and exercise ways to not let it get to me so bad in the next test.

Will I ever be free of fear? No!

Fear is an emotion and I have to learn to manage it. That fear management is real just like how anger management is real for some.

I can be very emotionally lead at times if I allow fear and any other emotion have its way. I can also be very logically lead by my own thoughts and analyzations…but that is a whole other subject.

I want to be able to manage the fear level within me to begin to live by faith over the fears. I have to keep the sword of the word of God that is truth to help me get there. Day by day I hope to make strides to keep turning from fear to faith.

~Love Life ~ Live Life ~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

Filing for Separation!

I have had enough! I cannot take putting up with you any more!

The echo of those words reverberate in the world we live in today. I has become the common norm to give up and walk away. But, somethings its ok to walk away from.

I have choosen to file for separation from fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, comparison, rejection, acceptance and abandonment! Divorcing can be a long drawn out process to come to the conclusion of a separation.

In the state in which I reside one year of separation has to happen before such can occur in a marriage (covenant agreement) the same is so with agreements we have built within our mind and soul that are contrary to truth. Least that is how it is for me as things come known in truth of where I am in life.

I have wrong agreements that I defend, uphold and gripe against when test and trials come my way. I defend the wrong agreement by saying “I am a believer of Jesus and shouldn’t have to go through this” or I uphold it by saying “well I was a bad believer and fell short and this is my punishment”, etc.

Sick right.

That is how I took a false belief and ran with it for too many years. My wrong inner agreement show themself when the trials come. On occasion my word do they show themself out of me in my character, attitude and display of immaturity.

The way to now grow is to learn to see the trouble, feel what I feel about it, do what I can about it, trust God to meet me in the midst and be with me and rely on him as I cast the care onto him to take on, and renew my mind in His faithfulness to not dwell for to long in it.

Sounds like work doesn’t it?

That is because it is work!

Work is envolved in any separation. Cutting off dependancy to what was once a comfort and a go to in times of trouble. To not lean on things of old as you begin to press toward a new life away from what you want to leave behind and start over fresh and new!

Slowly I am going to take my life back and live it in the spirit of truth as best I can with the help of the Lord, good wise councel and leadership that i am eternally greatful for in this season of life.

~ Love Life ~ Live Life~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰