Hobby Fun

The joys of having a hobby…

Photography has been a love of mine for a very long time. Christmas surprises of cameras delighted me so much.

My very first camera was a Polaroid Camera that we had to load the 35mm film into it to use and I had a gallon ziplock bag mostly full of the films I had used after many years had passed and they were discontinuing the development of the film I scrambled to get them all developed. It was such a blast from the past to see old vacations, old family events and gatherings.

Over the years as to why the films never got developed it was due to the invention of digital cameras my very first digital camera I used so much that I had to send it off for repair. To find out it was beyond repair was a heart break. I had a replacement come and then over time the display screen messed up and that was a heart break also.

Some time passed and I got one last Olympus digital camera that I still have that I dont use that much as the picture quality isn’t quite what I would like it to be. As when this camera came into my life cellphones begun to have cameras and that was a God send to a photography lover like me.

My cellphone takes good pics on occasion but the shots I long to take need quality and durablity to capture what I would like it to. Taking long distance clear pictures as I would love them to be as if viewing the actual shot as I see it. Photos of sunsets and people and just life is what I long to capture in stills.

Photos of panoramic nature, moons, quality event photos, ministry photos, etc is what I would love to upgrade my love to. Quality takes money and money takes work and faith, so for now it remains a dream to have a good quality camera seeing them on sale reignites the desire, but I wait til it can happen for now. I will keep using my phone to capture what I can to share on my blogs, instagram, and facebook.

~Love Life~Live Life~😍

(My dream camera)

~Cynthia 😉