Heart to Heart

Having a friend that loves you enough to impart councel is the best thing in the world!

Not having many close personal relationships in my life has been well difficult. Many times because of how I am and was at times it was either too much or too boring.

I am very much an ambivert where I have periods of time its I crave being around people, then I hit spots of just needing time alone.

At point my extra out going ways spurned things like “why do you want to go out so much” or “why are you hiding away”. Which both either spurned me to either be more reclusive or more outgoing.

In coming to Reformation Developmental Center my Pastor has been a very dear councelor and friend to me. She has helped me to grow in interpersonal connection where most didn’t want to take the time to do that for one reason or a multitude.

Oil and perfume make the heart glad; So does the sweetness of a friend’s counsel that comes from the heart.

Seeing that she loves, cares and wants to see me grow and become the woman God wants me to be has helped develop a place of trust to the point where that I see her councel as a sweet help that I need.

Where I once saw things as an attack I had to work on that. Most of my issue with that came from my family connections of being attacked and going into a defense mode. But, I didnt hold it against my family and went right back as if nothing happened.

Where as with anyone else It would become a major issue and a backing away and all this mess that just revealed a partiality within me.

When I came to understand her heart for me that it wasnt like some of my family sayin “I’m here for you” but when you need them they really weren’t.

When she says “I’m here if you need me” she really is there no matter what if I was broke down on the side of the road, up til 2am with issues or whatever its been she has been there.

The oil and perfume of a caring friends heart can be a soothing balm to an aching soul that desperatley yearned for interpersonal connection came to heal and make whole what once was battered and shaken.

A real friend will always tell you the truth!

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~Cynthia 😍