Is it a lucky charm or way of life?


To be perfectly honest in my time I have used faith as a lucky charm. I would run to faith and get close to secure something I wanted or desired.

My Pastor Juanita Gibbs, I love her, she keeps it real with me, and well all of us at Reformation Developmental Center. She told me that faith isn’t just to get from God, but faith is a way of living. We need faith even when God doesn’t give us the thing we want. We need faith to see us through trying times. We need faith at times justo breathe, think, walk etc. Ok well I will say that is how it is for me anyway.

Her teaching over the last while has been making impacts so greatly in my life its unfathomable to know what life would be like had I not heard God to make a change in my spiritual nourishment.

She has showed me that God wants relationship and thats what faith is truly about. Seeking to know him, seeking to become like him. Knowing his love for me. Knowing who I am in Chirst by grace and mercy.

How I used to live was not seeking his face it was seeking His hands. It would be say if I wanted something in my life I would run and latch tight to faith to see it manifest. Some of those things haven’t manifested as God knew my heart and wanting his hand over His face.

He brought delay so that I would grow in patience, love, joy, faith that I really truly desperatly needed more of within over what I was seeking Him for. He knows how to groom us and grow us and He has marvelously used my Pastor to do such in my life, by bringing to light teachings of the fruit of the spirit to transform my life.

Has it been easy to move from lucky charm to faith?


But, its needful as God wants me to show him that I trust in Him, trust in His plan, trust His will for my life, trust that as I hear him he leads me on the path to becoming the woman He intended me to be.

No, I am not perfect in this by any means of the word. I fall at this constantly. But, I have to pick myseld up, renew my mind as Pastor has taught and keep moving. Life happens and faith is needed for every ounce of it.

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

~Love Life~Live Life~ 😍

Love Affair Pt 3 (Final installment)

The scandal continues!!

Well ya’ll in these months of coming to learn to love myself and the true word of God. The affair branches out one last time to include loving God for who He is!

Yes loving God just for who He is in my life! Learning to worship him in spirit and in truth and not just worship to get things.

Yes!! I confess I have only loved God at times for what I saw He can do for me. Treating God as a lucky charm, or a genie in a bottle as if he was some idol image of a God who would just give me whatever I want when I asked it of him. Boy has he proven time and time again that honey if what you ask for isn’t of me it will not come for you!

If it is of God it could be delayed as to if I serve or worship Him(his hands) merely to get from him then when I get will I abandon the faith? He knows our heart and the hidden intentions even if we ourself don’t see it or even want to admit it.

I am seeing that God is a good good father and yes withholds no good thing from us. But, if he does withhold or delay it is because we need character growth and stability in our now before any new can come in more of the blessings. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness then all these things will be added unto you. God has an established order of thing and its reveal to us in His word.

He will block or cause to die anything that is outside of his will and yes it will hurt. Especially if it is a self work or faction of the flesh.

But its a necessary death to go into greater. God wants me to grow in patience and many other fruits of the Spirit. Taking rest in who He is and His provision. I am growing in my just love for Him as to worship in spirit and truth I must trust his plan and purposes. He knows exaclty where I am, He knows my trials, He knows my needs and He is with me and those facts of his goodness alone are a comfort to a soul that has searched for comfort and security in a world that is perishing over the eternalness of the Father and His kingdom.

Day by day I try lean on the fact He had me more secure than anything of this world could ever to keep me and slowly begin to love him more and more and his goodness begins to flow as a trickle of a stream of water in the beginning phases.

He knows I need to love hin with all my heart, soul, mind and strength for just who He is and that is an amazing Abba Father.

The journey may it just get sweeter day by day as I turn toward truth and His will and way of living.

~Love Life~Live Life~😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰