Meditating on Hope

Think positivley!

I want the verse below planted inside my memory bank to be able to pull withdrawals from in times of feeling low and leaning toward negativity.

For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord , ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11 NASB

Gods knows the plans He has for my life and they are good and not my destruction, so that I can pull from that and hold onto hope in Him.

No matter what when the good, the bad and the ugly happens in life, there is a plan and purpose that can come from growing from those experiances that normally make me feel negative.

I have to take the lesson and grow, mature, and change for the better to be more positive in my thought life.

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~Cynthia 😍

Hope after Brokenness

How to rebound after disappointment?

This week has been one week in this world of a roller coaster. Granted most of my own doing, and its taken a while to regain any kind of footing of stability.

Yesterdays disappointment was so completley devistating that for a moment I wasn’t sure I would stabilize at all. But when the news came through and I expressed it in part to my Life Coach/Pastor she told me be sure to express it how I am feeling so that the emotion of pain and hurt doesn’t get suppressed.

I am surely known for supressing things and not expressing in thr moment and allowing stuff to get burried deep inside to only fester and create infection in my soul that can damage everything.

So, after I got off work and the news had time to sink in as I wasn’t so focused on other things tears and much emotion swelled up. The disappointment flowed, negative flowed, hurt flowed of wanting to know why. When there are no answers in full. I had to express and begin to allow the faith to begin to come in from the spirit.

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil,
Hebrews 6:19 NASB

To renew my mind from the hurt and disappointment I felt I had to pull on hope from the Word of God in a sermon/teaching session she had talked on times and seasons. I gleaned on this message to renew my mind and the spirit of my mind (Romans 12:2 & Eph 4:23). The more I pullef from this message the more it helped turn me back toward being positive and of faith.

If I go unrenewed I can dwell in a place of negative and doubt and that produces nothing good. This is why I am seeing that it is important to renew and get back on track. Hope and faith in God produce the good in life where as I have dwelled in the doubt and negative it too produced things, just not the goodness of God.

Renew in Hope is the only way to recover after disappointment.

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~Cynthia 😍

Faith Sings Joyfully!

When the Victory Is Won We Sing Praises!

But, what about when the victory has yet to show forth? We still should sing of praise for the Lord is good and His mercies endure forever.

Hebrews 11:1 says faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen. We all have things that are unseen but by faith we are awaiting them to be won by our faith prayers.

When God answers a prayer we have another right behind it to await Him to come through for. So, why not show our love for Him, our need of Him and worship of Him in joyful singing of just how good he is to us.

Yes, I know all too well that this can be difficult to do. I have been someone who over focused on every bad thing that went wrong, gone wrong or will go wrong. It has taken a woman of God in my Pastor Juanita Gibbs to show me that focusing on the bad has perpetuated the negativity in me.

By slowly turning and pulling on the fruit of the spirit of Joy as she has instructed me to look into and study. As well as, tapping into praise and thanksgiving to help negate the high doses of negativity my soul houses.

We will sing for joy over your victory, And in the name of our God we will set up our banners. May the Lord fulfill all your petitions. Psalms 20:5 NASB

Since as I have looked at all this week the victory is already won no matter if what I am praying for has manifested or not. I have to be joyful and give thanks for what was already done to grow in trust and dependancy on the Lord.

By doing so, it has begun to help I will admit. Granted some days are better than others, but its a work and journey I have to do in order to turn things more around in my life from negative to positive.

It will be my work to maintain, but with the tools Pastor has given us at Reformation Developmental Center on days that it is harder I can pull from those resources to help cast my cares, renew my mind and re-enter joy and thankgiving to God for who He is.

May we allow faith to give us a song for victory is provided!

~Cynthia 😍

πŸ‘„What you say matters!πŸ‘„

Words carry so much more power than we give them credit for.

Our words can either be life and blessings or death and curses. Its how we guard them as to what their impact will be once they have left our lips.

My words have often been negative and that has most definitley been death and cursing that has escaped my lips. The contents of my soul are damaged to the point of needing healing in areas.

The words I have taken in from hearing others speak of me for years has created its own dwelling place within me. So much so that when they come even in my current they go right on in as a welcomed guest. Then they begin to talk. They begin to say “you know they are right, you are what they said about you” or “its all your fault things don’t work out”.

Then from my mouth comes that same negative talk that has flowed for as long as I can recall. To have such a sensitivity in me that when things that seem bad are spoken of me that I dwell in the declaration of “your an aweful person” or “no wonder God isn’t moving on your behalf yoir jusy too messed up”.

Maybe I am the only one who battles this stuff. But, this is my fight that wages within me day in and day out. There are days when the battle is so wearing on me its like just give up its not working for you like it is others. Therefore, back up the already negative that has come that “no wonder God isn’t moving on your behalf”. Thus triggering states of depression and hopelessness.

I have to fight my way out of the box of that to get loosened from my chains.

Is it easy?


Is it possible to overcome?


But, as long as I do the work to make my way out of it. Pastor tells us that scripture all the time faith with out works is dead. And it works vice versa also that works without faith is also dead.

I have to begin to stand and fight with faith. The fighting to get the old out is the work. So, I am just praying that over time I will be able to guard me better to shield from going into the depths of darkness to the brightness of light. To speak power words of faith over the old power words of death to my life.



It’s too loud in here!!

Sitting in the quiet is the time when what is in your mind truthfully begins to surface!

Well it does for me…

Finding things to do or music to hear or having a conversation to occupy the mind to hush whats really going on within!

When I am left to hear what I think, I begin to hear the doubt, fear, negative, worry come bubbling to the surface.

What has happened with that is before coming into a transformation ministry Pastored by Juanita Gibbs, is that I would hear them and run with them!

Yes! Every doubtfilled, worrysome, negative, depressive, anxious faction that came to my mind was agreed with and fully accepted. But now under this kins of ministry she teaches on how to stop being so ruled by those factions contrary to truth of the word of God.

Say for example I would hear:


Your uglyYou know thats true

Your dreams wont come trueYup thats right

How will you do all this!I have no idea

Your too sinful for God to bless!Thats true He don’t bless evil

These are just for example sake, you probably get the idea with this now.

Since my pastor has been helping me become aware of my thoughts! And when I am alone no talking, no music that is when the work begins.

So example of transforming my inner voices:

ThoughtNew Response

Your ugly I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Your dreams won’t come trueTime is in Gods hand and he orders my steps

How will you do all this Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my understanding

Your too sinful for God to bless! — I am the blessed of the Lord Jesus paid the price for me I am coveres by His blood!

Before in the pre-inner life ministry those bad things would just keep me hindered. They were being fed by me agreeing with them and adding more for them to work with. But now with Pastors help, I am working to starve the old to kill it out and turn toward the new life provided in Christ to transform by the renewing of my mind and the spirit of my mind!

Those verses of Romans 12:1-2 and Ephesians 4:23 are foundational pillars for Reformation Developmental Center. For Pastors close workings to transform my soul I am forever greatful!

~Love Life~ Live Life ~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰