Faith Stands

Take your stance and be unwaivering in it!

Its hard to stand in the beginning and also during difficult times. I have buckled under pressure so many times because my faith in God wasn’t strong enough.

What was overly strong was my faith in my self and what I could do, what I could accomplish, basically and very strong self-will and self-reliant person.

Course alot of that came from my upbringing and it aided later on not being able to surrender and trust God in hard times.

I had to become determined to get more about the life of faith. That can and does take time in developing as it will be a life long journey. New trials or situations that I have yet to encounter will cause me to have to find new ways to remain firm.

because now we really live [in spite of everything], if you stand firm in the Lord.

But, because of the faithfulness of God and who He is, I can pull from that in spite of all things. This will continually help me shed the self-reliant and strong self-will mindset and allow trust in God to be on the scene.

This is the only way to be able to stand firm in the Lord. Yes I am still learning how to do this as faith life is like when your born you have to learn and grow into things as you progress and that the journey I have been on and will be on.

As a believer I will never be exempt from facing hardships. The difference is that I have hope and a source to pull on in those times. But it is only going to come from a consistent and daily relationship build with God through His son Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit.

May we all grow into the place that inspite of it all we stand firm in the Lord!

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~Cynthia 😍