Where can I find peace?

Peace is it a destination or some far aloof ideal?


Peace for me has only come in small amounts. For as it is said that happiness is an inside work, so is peace.

Peace is an inside work!

My inner life of my soul is such a busy metropolis at times that its no wonder peace is limited!

People who become accustomed to the constant noise can find it strange to be in peace and quiet. We have seen it in movies when the city person goes to a country for restful time and they may have to play sounds of the busy city life to even fall asleep.

Then comes a time that they readjusted to the not being in the clammer of hustle of the noise that peace has begun to come into their life.

I am finding myself at a place where I long for the peace within myself! My inner anxiousness is much like a busy metropolis.

My Pastor Juanita Gibbs (Note: Each part of her name is linked to her book, facebook, website) spoke on last sunday that God wants to lead me beside the still waters. That referance can be found in Psalm 23.

He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul;

Psalms 23:2‭b-‬3a NASB

I have to begin to allow God to hold my hand and lead me beside still waters. By that is embracing and submitting to the teaching my Pastor has been imparting to all of us. This way He can begin to restore my soul.

As my soul (inner life) becomes more accustomed to peace it will not want to go back to anxiety.

I began to write out some highlights of her teaching in a new notebook lastnight to be my quick referance guide to get back to peace when anxiety needs to be caught and dealt with.

She has imparted so much when I recapped the teachings it was a vibrant refresher to my spirit.

The more I lean on my spirit where the spirit of God dwells within me the anxiety in my soul can begin to be starved out. Thats what I would like for it to do anyway.

I want to move out of the anxiety and take up new residency in peace. Its up to me to keep moving along beside the still waters!