By Faith…

Cleansing the Heart

Ever have those times when it seems like nothing good is coming from you?Maybe your not like that and have to problems like I do, its a blessing if you don’t.

Its like days start bad and progressively get worser and worser and thus changing my entire disposition from what was once ok, to not so pleasant, to down right intolerable.

Its at the end of it all and there seems to be no way to clean it up or go back to the beginning and start over. Its like wanting to go in and deep clean but looking at the desbrie and not even knowing where to begin to clean up.

I just stand there looking at the mess that I made and having to decide one of two things. Clean up or turn around and leave it for another day. I choose to clean if its not but starting where I stand and begin to work my way through the murk and mire of a mess that is within my heart at times.

And God, who knows the heart, testified to them giving them the Holy Spirit, just as He also did to us; and He made no distinction between us and them, cleansing their hearts by faith.
Acts 15:8‭-‬9 NASB

The clutter that conjested my heart was from not guarding like I was suppose to. Gods word tells us to guard our heart with all diligence for from it flows the issues of life.

What flowed from me revealed to any hearer I have issues of life that need to be cast upon the Lord and not harbored inside. Somethings, I admit I expend too much of myself giving time and energy in vain.

By faith in Jesus He is the extra cleaning step within my heart. To keep his word at heart is to keep it free from clutter. Why else would He proclaim to take His yoke upon me and learn of Him…

He wants me to walk in things like He did. He walked in the fruit of the spirit and in full knowing of who he was as a person in the deity of his royal priesthood, as well as, still not allowing the troubles and cares of the world to hold him back or down.

Cleansing our hearts not only cleans up our own life, but it will begin to also help cleanse those around you slowly as they see your transformation.

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~Cynthia 😍

Quotes Day 2

Sharing quotes from my Pastor!

My Pastor Juanita Gibbs has so much to quote for me to share with the blog community that I am greatful for this challenge to share quotes for 3 days.

Thank You Riya – High Noon Journal for the nomination to participate in the 3 day Quote Challenge.

Rules –

1- Thanks to the person who nominated you

2- Post 1 quote for 3 consecutive days (daily 1 quote )

3- Nominate 3 bloggers everyday

This quote came from this past Sundays sermon message. Very powerful. It has the ability to break the Poverty Mindset.

When we live and give out of the abundance we will always have more than enough. We we short our swlf and give and do based of our need we will always be short.

Giving and living in the abundance keeps a flow with Gods blessings Pastor told me. To keep an open heaven we must remaon connected to the source, doing our part of the efforts and allowing Him to help in the gaps.

Doing this has definitly been a destroying factor to the poverty mindset. Poverty keeps you looking at what you dont have. When in the abundance we can be greatful, full of thanksgiving, and praise for what God has provided and that builds trust in God to meet our every need.


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By Faith

It was by faith…

For so long the enemy and the contents of my soul allowed whispers of deception to permeate my faith and dilute it to almost nothing of effect.

I would hear whispers that my prayers were not heard. Who are you to be praying for such things. Your not who you think you are just sit down and accept what you have now as nothing will change for you.

It took time and is taking time for me to find my place in God. I am a Woman of God. I was predestined to be a child of God. I am a woman of worth that carries value and can bring blessings into the lives of those that God chooses to place around me. I am an encourager. I am going to be an author. I am a blogger. I am a daughter!

This has taken me years to get to and I am now taking root in those things to become steadfast in my position in the Lord. I want to be effectual in the faith and help woman become secure in who they are. But, I must be the first partaker in the endeavor, for how can I help another if I myself have not walked through the struggle.

It is also in time that my book will come about, to share more of my story and show why its been a journey to become what God wants me to be secure in.

I am thankful for the ministry that I am in with Pastor Juanita Gibbs that she has endeavored to go along with me on this journey to overcome insecurity and pray me through to establish me in who I am in God. She has been able to relate to me in the entire journey and still that I have been on and that I am on.

By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they had been encircled for seven days.
Hebrews 11:30 NASB

It is by her praying for me and me delving into that personal relationship with God that has by faith been taking down the walls in my soul to be set free and allow his love to infiltrate my being, bringing healing and deliverance in stages, phases and degrees.

She told me once long ago that His banner over me is love and when the enemy of my soul now tries his old tricks I pull out the love that He has begun to fill me with and recount His goodness, to remain thankful and not allow my logic or emotions run away from me.

Am I perfect in it? No!

Pastor told me it is also a process of learning, failing and trying again that will help me to continue to learn and grow as the journey goes on through out life.

By faith the walls will come down! I must keep marching in faith and full assurance God is with me and will not fail me and to teach me patience that in time my faith will produce a harvest but in the gap faith produces character in me.

~Cynthia 😍


Many times I feel weak in the faith. But, in my weakness He is strong.

In my own personal weakness I need to lean on the strength of God to see me through. Gods strength comes through His word, prayer, having that personal relationship with God and through yielded vessels to be Gods voice of wisdom in the earth.

Im greatful for the personal relationship I have with God, as well as, the chosen vessel of my Pastor Juanita Gibbs to be the voice of wisdom, comfort, and Gods love in my life.

She has taught me the power of having a Word Life all the more! How the more of it I plant inside of me helps me to align my soul to be lead by the spirit.

I can see the changes as I have heeded her wisdom and begun to study and seek out things in the word and meditate on them and speak them.

My weakness in this life has been dwelling on the bad, thinking negative, acting negative, having negative attitude, etc.

Not a very pleasant person to be around was I?


Most in the natural sense negativity is a deturant to connection. It took one person in my Pastor to ride it out with me to being to reform my life in small stages.

Am I free from it all?


But, I am still working to have it better managed and under subjectiom to the lead of the spirit. For my weakness has been to allow the negative to run my life.

The more I detox and manage it by using the scriptures Pastor give and the ones I study that I meditate on to have a firmer word life His spirit comes into my weak places as His strength and not mine. For I cannot change with out God aiding my transition.

It has taken me to surrender to the Word Life to begin to see the growth that I dont remain as negaitive for long.

That I have a weapon to fight the fight if faith with.

That I have a support covering that prays and loves me for who I am even while I am being transformed.

My foundation in the faith can only be made firmer by what is happening now in my life, as well as, establishing myseld and a root system to be fueled from the spirit and not my soul.

My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalms 73:26 NASB

As Pastor says this takes dedicated commitment to the work and true desire to see change come in life. I definitly will keep fighting my way through to have more of God be the strength of my heart when I have my natural limitation of weakness.


Pursuant Faith

His love chases me!

As I continue to delve into the faith more and with the program that my Pastor has put together to detox from negativity I am finding myself more and more entralled in the arms of the word.

So much so that its captivating and becoming more and more alive. After hours of prayer, worship and meditation God lead me to search for in his word “just believe” and in my findings I was lead to a section of the word.

But at looking at the verse that jumped out in my selection I wasn’t seeing what I needed to see ot there was no revelation rather from that one verse. So, I took a step back and read the entire chapter to see the full scope of the verse.

Little did I realize that by the time I finished getting the imagery from what I was reading I had read two Chapters and honestly I am floored at what I was shown in those two chapters.

But to remain in topic I will stick with what I was shown about faith in what I read.

For the Scripture says, ” whoever believes in him will not be disappointed .”
Romans 10:11

Faith as my pastor tells me in councel is being fully convinced/persuaded that what God says He will do. It taoes patience, faith and self work to see things manifest, as well as, giving.

As I blogged yesterday my persuasion was that of conflict between myself (my soul) and the spirit of God. I have been tossed for a long time between faith and doubt.

What has that manifested in my life?

Absolutley nothing!

God will not bless nothing that isn’t fully alive with faith in Him. So, since my Pastor the lovely Juanita Gibbs has given me a few verses that I have now taken and prayed and meditate on daily to take them deeper within my being.

So that the more I believe on Him he will move and come through for me, but it is only by my belief in what He said he would do. Its having a God expectation not in mere humanity (as I have in the past) that He won’t disappoint me that all things work together for the good.

I want the word to become my new nature as she teaches us. That the more I take off my old nature the new nature can be worn. The new nature is full of fruit, glory, blessings, gifts, talents, abilities etc that my old nature has said no give up thats impossible. To combat that is to say what is impossible with man is possible with God.

My faith has had to become my shield the more to protect the darts my soul can dish out like no one’s business as that negativity is so part of who I have been til now its being touched amd pulled up and out. And believe me ot needs to come up and out.

The more I allow His love to flood my soul the more faith pursues me to want to deepen my relationship wiyh God just for who He is. A loving Abba Father who knows whats best, who is the author of my faith, who supplies my needs, who will not disappoint me and do all he has said He would for all things have an appointed time and season and now is the season of growth and maturation that is surely needed.

God is Good and Faithful!

Biblical Identification

Martha Faith vs. Mary Faith

I was coming into work this morning and after spending some time in prayer and worship and meditation I was driving and in my spiritual minds eye a scene played in me.

That scene was when Lazarus had died and the very two different sisters if Martha and Mary had their own greeting for Jesus when he came to them in Bethany.

Mary so full of faith took Jesus at his every word. She said for when you say my brother will rise again I believe it that whatever you say shall be. (Paraphrased)

Then as she went on knowing that Jesus would do as he daid he would she went on to call for her sister Martha to come to see the teacher and she greeted him with a scalding “Jesus had you been here my brother Lazarus would not be dead” (paraphrase).

Martha so deeply saddend at the death of her brother mounrd as well as the weepers around. Which moved on Jesus as Lazaurus was his friend and “Jesus wept”.

Jesus told Martha:

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”
John 11:25‭, ‬40 NASB

Martha had to have more reinforcement from Jesus as if to prove to her that He would do what He said he would do.

I can so relate to Martha on many levels and at different times she is mentioned in scripture. But in this case the more as Jesus by the Holy Spirit has been using my leaders to tell me the same message as if to finally get me to trust His word.

Now I know for myself my issue stems from broken trust from people. But, when will I finally disconnect Gods from mere humanity? In the last few days with undergoing a program by my Pastor Juanita Gibbs to 40 day detox from negativity has begun to aide my trusting in God.

Its a work and truthfully its only 3 days into it but I am fully committed to bring the inner changes I need in my soul. These first 3 days are beginning to heal my trust issues with God. But, to also learn to be patient while God does a work in my life.

The Holy Spirit has said through my leaders allow patiencr to have her perfect work. Trust God that he will come through as there is a time and season for all things and this season is to plant me by the stream of the living waters to grow and flourish and in time a harvest will come.

I need to get so deeply rooted by the streams of living water that I will flourish in season and out of season. That is when the glory of the Lord can be fully manifested in my life the more as the empowerment comes by His spirit as I send my roots out deep to have His spirit flow through my spirit. This is how pastor says I live more by the spirit.

I may have been a Martha in my faith for a good portion of my faith life these last 11 years since I wasnt raised in church as a kid, but even as a kid in the faith it is time to take off the Martha faith and put on the Mary faith!

Faith can be transformed as I allow the process God wants me to ealk through mold and shape my life! In time it will be a transformed faith testimony I will have! Its begun by the wonderful 40-day program that Pastor started and I look forward to my faith coming up and not going back to what it has been!

Keep the Faith

Faith comes by the Word!

Pastor has instilled in the last few months that Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

She was emphasising the fact that thr more I hear the word my belief system can come up higher, and believe me my faith definitley needs to come up higher.

I have been one of those that is mentioned in the book of James that doubts and is tossed like the sea for so long it became a normal way of thinking thats how faith was.

In reality faith is stable.

Faith isn’t tossed!

Faith is a sure foundation!

So, what is up with my faith?


My logic and reasoning and sever lack of patience has enabled my self will to do many self works that have lead to nonfruitful living.

Sad right?

The only way to overcome continuing being tossed is to surrender to what God through my Pastor Juanita Gibbs is teaching me.

That faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. This means I need the word to be so much more apart of my daily life to bring up my level of faith.

We all have been given a measure as she teaches is from the word. Its just our application of the word in our life to activate that measure.

Continuing to pray and have relationship with God, worshipping Him in spirit and in truth, praying in my most holy faith language to transform a doubtfilled faith to an active powerful God faith as I work on my inner contents by application of the word of God more in my life.

But what does it say? ” the word is near you , in your mouth and in your heart “-that is, the word of faith which we are preaching, that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.
Romans 10:8‭-‬10 NASB


Is it a lucky charm or way of life?


To be perfectly honest in my time I have used faith as a lucky charm. I would run to faith and get close to secure something I wanted or desired.

My Pastor Juanita Gibbs, I love her, she keeps it real with me, and well all of us at Reformation Developmental Center. She told me that faith isn’t just to get from God, but faith is a way of living. We need faith even when God doesn’t give us the thing we want. We need faith to see us through trying times. We need faith at times justo breathe, think, walk etc. Ok well I will say that is how it is for me anyway.

Her teaching over the last while has been making impacts so greatly in my life its unfathomable to know what life would be like had I not heard God to make a change in my spiritual nourishment.

She has showed me that God wants relationship and thats what faith is truly about. Seeking to know him, seeking to become like him. Knowing his love for me. Knowing who I am in Chirst by grace and mercy.

How I used to live was not seeking his face it was seeking His hands. It would be say if I wanted something in my life I would run and latch tight to faith to see it manifest. Some of those things haven’t manifested as God knew my heart and wanting his hand over His face.

He brought delay so that I would grow in patience, love, joy, faith that I really truly desperatly needed more of within over what I was seeking Him for. He knows how to groom us and grow us and He has marvelously used my Pastor to do such in my life, by bringing to light teachings of the fruit of the spirit to transform my life.

Has it been easy to move from lucky charm to faith?


But, its needful as God wants me to show him that I trust in Him, trust in His plan, trust His will for my life, trust that as I hear him he leads me on the path to becoming the woman He intended me to be.

No, I am not perfect in this by any means of the word. I fall at this constantly. But, I have to pick myseld up, renew my mind as Pastor has taught and keep moving. Life happens and faith is needed for every ounce of it.

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰

~Love Life~Live Life~ 😍


O my soul, why are you so anxious?

The more I learn to manage things that make me anxious the more I can lean on the spirit leading me over my soul.

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.
Psalms 94:19 NASB

My mind and my emotions have been my driving force for as long as I can recount, so that essentially means most of my life.

Its not been until coming to ministry that have foundational verses of:

  • 1 Thess 5:23
  • Romans 12:1-2
  • Ephesians 4:23

These verses deal with the inner life!

My soul layer by layer is being transformed and yes it can be painful to change from old ways!

But the word proclaims we are to put off the old man and put on the new!

Thats what transformation is, is the changing of my ways in different phases, stages and degrees that my beloved Pastor Juanita Gibbs of Reformation Developmental Center has been bringing to light.

My inner anxiety being confronted so it can submit to the word of God!

When things inwardly go undealt with or unconfronted they run your life!

~Juanita Gibbs

My soul says be anxious!

Gods truth says “be anxious for nothing”

So, I have to stop what my soul is saying and submit it to the word of God. That is the beginning of confronting my inner issue and beginning to deal with it.

The more I become aware of my soul being anxious in the beginning before my thoughts and emotions run with it, I can say “soul why are you anxious?”

Managing my anxiety is firsty confronting it and beginning to deal with it using the tools and weapons my Pastor has been teaching me to use!


It’s too loud in here!!

Sitting in the quiet is the time when what is in your mind truthfully begins to surface!

Well it does for me…

Finding things to do or music to hear or having a conversation to occupy the mind to hush whats really going on within!

When I am left to hear what I think, I begin to hear the doubt, fear, negative, worry come bubbling to the surface.

What has happened with that is before coming into a transformation ministry Pastored by Juanita Gibbs, is that I would hear them and run with them!

Yes! Every doubtfilled, worrysome, negative, depressive, anxious faction that came to my mind was agreed with and fully accepted. But now under this kins of ministry she teaches on how to stop being so ruled by those factions contrary to truth of the word of God.

Say for example I would hear:


Your uglyYou know thats true

Your dreams wont come trueYup thats right

How will you do all this!I have no idea

Your too sinful for God to bless!Thats true He don’t bless evil

These are just for example sake, you probably get the idea with this now.

Since my pastor has been helping me become aware of my thoughts! And when I am alone no talking, no music that is when the work begins.

So example of transforming my inner voices:

ThoughtNew Response

Your ugly I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Your dreams won’t come trueTime is in Gods hand and he orders my steps

How will you do all this Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my understanding

Your too sinful for God to bless! — I am the blessed of the Lord Jesus paid the price for me I am coveres by His blood!

Before in the pre-inner life ministry those bad things would just keep me hindered. They were being fed by me agreeing with them and adding more for them to work with. But now with Pastors help, I am working to starve the old to kill it out and turn toward the new life provided in Christ to transform by the renewing of my mind and the spirit of my mind!

Those verses of Romans 12:1-2 and Ephesians 4:23 are foundational pillars for Reformation Developmental Center. For Pastors close workings to transform my soul I am forever greatful!

~Love Life~ Live Life ~ 😍

~Cynthia πŸ˜‰