Faith see’s love beyond one day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The world has set apart one day to express love.

But, why is love just for one day?

Thats because it isn’t just for one day!

Plus as I am learning through the fabulous teachings of Juanita Gibbs at Reformation Developmental Center that love as the world has promoted it to be isn’t exactly the same love that God says it should be.

Love should be unconditional!

But, in reality and even my own it has natural limits! To be unconditional is to press beyond my natural limit when it presents itself in my life.

To keep choosing to love someone like I want to to be loved as in loving my neighbor as myself as the scripture says.

To want to be forgiven and back in good graces with someone after an ought and go on like it didn’t happen, as in unbegrudging, unbitter, but knowing more and learning from the ought and what it brought out.

Granted I am not perfect in this and won’t be, but unconditional love also accepts imperfections and chooses to love on anyway.

The worlds kind of love sets us up seeking perfection when the reality is that isn’t available in mere humanity.

For me to keep looking for it is a setup for disaster and much expectations dashed!

For many a year this very day had greatly depressed me for many reasons. As I have never had a valentine of the worlds nature.

To hear songs on the radio that say “you ain’t somebody til you have somebody” to see a flood of pictures on social media of the love items people received and looking at myself buying my own valentine item to feel even a shred of that kind of worldly love.

When today I can say I know I am fully and completly loved by God and its beyond just one day! It has been all the days of my life. For that unconditional love I am greatful for!

No balloon, flower, box of candy can replace the love of God in my life. Its by His love I am still here. It is by His love I can do all things that He says I can do.

Its by His love that I have a Pastor helping me transform my life one day at a time. This has been a milestone for me to not be depressed on this day and I am thankful for the work God is doing in my life.

By faith my best is yet to come!

for we walk by faith, not by sight-
2 Corinthians 5:7 NASB

~Cynthia 😍