What do you see?

The lenses we peer through and the mindset behind the eyes is a filter for how we gain perspective!

Do you see what I see?

Probably not…

We are looking through different filters.

Comparison is a huge battle for me in many ways and different areas.

Lets think about this senario with me if you will…

Stand in front of the mirror what do you see?

Hear those thoughts, ideas, notions, whispers, screams?

That is how you view what you see.

Now the same thing stand in front of a mirror, but this time ask someone to come stand behind you and tell you what they see.

Hear the perspective coming from the other person?

Hear anything similar or in likeness to what you heard within when you alone stood before the mirror?

Probably not… Then again some may…

For me on the other hand my inward comparison has never been the same from what others see or saw in me as I have a very negative view of myself. Which comes from down the years of trauma to my soul.

Some without such trauma may be well balanced and have good environments that stimulate confidence, good worth, and proper perspective.

For me, it wasn’t until I came into a ministry that has helped me deal with the contents of my soul. The comparison issue housed in my soul has to be dealt with.

When I find myself comparing myself or at times being compared which opens me up to my comparison. That time I spend comparing myself to another only takes away what is definitivly me.

What my Pastor has been teaching me is that I need to know myself in genuine truth. Know who I am beyond comparison. Know who I am uniquely as Gods creation born for such a time as this.


How am I to know just who that person is right?

I need to shut down the negative perspective, accept who I am made to be by knowing who I am made to be by searching for that truth within and in truth from Godd word.

James 1:23-25 says the word of God is to be our mirror.

Its become my job to get into the word of God to find out who I am through the eyes of God. The treasure of truths is mine for the discovery as I peer through the proper lenses of that truth.

I have found some great ones to hold onto and I keep looking to discover more in which to house in my soul. These are a new perspective in which shift away the old soul view of negative.

So, now when I go and stand infront of the mirror I can have God within me and behind me speaking the way I am to view myself. That comparison superceeds what I compared myself to in others.

The true mirror is the word of God not a looking glass. The looking glass will and can decieve as it has me for far too long. I am to measure myself against myself not measure myself against a brother or sister in the faith.

God help me not forget your perfect law as it relates to me and my uniqueness so that in all I do shall be blessed.

~Cynthia 😉

If we commend ourself more highly than we ought then that can be a prideful deception that is without understanding of proper view of self.

Be bold enough to not compare with them who do have a high commendation of themself for in their view you will never measure up!

It is only in the view of God that we are to compare who we are, our behavior, attitudes and demeanor as it lines up with His word or if it doesn’t then we need to correct that.

~Love Life ~ Live Life ~ 😍